Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Feist seems to have a huge following- all fans Regina Spektor and Lauryn Hill can now meet in the middle. This Canadian born gal has just as much soul and she does an airy feel of grace both qualities which have been mastered by now not only Ms. Spektor and Ms. Hill but now Feist. Not only does Feist carry a significant and different kind of sound, she also has an intense amount of musical history such as being the previous roommate of electronica’s dirty-girl Peaches and playing her very first show opening for the Ramones.

Her debut album, “Let It Die” did extremely well, topping charts mostly in Europe but nevertheless hitting here at home, as well. The album of today’s review is a compilation of remixed songs from “Let It Die” as well as previously unreleased tracks entitled “Open Season.” It is most certainly growing on me.

Perhaps my all-time favorite album of 2006 was Fiona Apple’s “Extraordinary Machine.” I have found nothing really comparable on each of its levels of good taste, beautiful rhythm and musical structure and lyrical niceties. As I continued listening to Feist, I could start to make comparisons. The song “Lonely Lonely” was reminiscent of something Fiona would do. This is what perhaps kept me from getting bored.

“Open Season” is an incredible step forward for not only Feist, but perhaps a more tribal, ethnic direction of popular music. The Faint and the like have mastered electronic dance music- once you’ve heard one song, you’ve heard them all. I feel as though Feist is attempting to break that electronic barrier of having to be “dancey,” fast and loud. This is entirely electronic yet just the opposite- soothing, calming, and slow.

Having said that, it’s funny that this album is subtitled as a remix album, since everyone thinks a remix is a faster, louder, “dancier” version of a previous pop hit. “Open Season” defies conformity on so many levels that this album deserves an incredible amount of credit.

As the album progressed, the feel became more and more soulful and the Fugees were all I could think, re: Lauren Hill, especially in the k-Os remix of “Mushaboom.” Favorite tracks would have to be those which ring more truly to Fiona and Regina, such as “Snow Lion,” “Tout Document,” and “Gatekeeper.” Also, who could resist a Postal Service remix of any kind, so there version of “Mushaboom” with Feist was of course, playful and sweet.

This album definitely surprised me. I wasn’t expecting such diversity and range from one artist, especially with suck a potpourri of musical influences and instances in her background. You’ll be hearing this album soon enough in Starbucks, might as well jump on the bandwagon early and check out Feist asap!

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