Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

You are being watched. They say “Big Brother” is always watching you. Well now, so is This past week, the popular networking site introduced what they are calling feeds. This new feature tracks practically your every move and allows others keep up on your relationship status, wall posts, new friends and more the second they sign in to their account.
As if the Internet is not dangerous enough with people managing to find out information about you at their finger tips, Facebook decides to practically hand feed these stalker types with information about your every move and what time you did it. Within hours of this new feature being added, word of mouth was spreading around campus and people every where were starting up Facebook groups against it.
I can almost see where the creators of the site were coming from with this feature, allowing you to keep up with people that you may not connect with on a regular basis. However, the problem lies in the fact that any and everyone, for the most part, can see your “feed.” Yes, they have now issued a letter to everyone, conveniently via the main feed on everyone’s home page, speaking about privacy controls and such. However, why should I have to go and filter the information that the site is putting out about me, if I never agreed to have that information to be broadcast for everyone to see in the first place? Simply take responsibility for the outrage of the new feature and remove it. The letter also makes mention about how they have spent the last two days coding to improve the feed quality and make everyone happy.
Well, you are getting no sympathy here. I have spent the last two days making sure no one is peeking in my window because you are tempting the stalkers with my every move. It is not my fault you spent two days working on a feature that no one likes. You should have saved 48 hours and just deleted it.
R. Brandyn Miller is a junior majoring in Literature and minoring in journalism.

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