Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

At 3:34 p.m., on Saturday March 15, West Chester Police Department received a call about suspicious persons on the roof of a five-story parking garage in downtown West Chester.The suspicion turned out to be more than a precaution.

Approximately, 10 minutes later witnesses reported a woman fell off the top story of the Mosteller Parking Garage on Chestnut Street. The woman survived the fall, but suffered serious injuries.

After the incident, two men were taken into custody by the WCPD. The men were on top of the building with the victim when she fell. Witnesses described one of the men as around the age of the victim, and the other older and heavier set.

Neither the police nor the witnesses could decipher whether the victim was pushed, fell off or jumped, but according to the police press release, the two men were questioned after the incident and remained in custody.

The WCPD reported that the woman was injured and transported to Chester Crozer Medical Center where she was treated an transfered to a Philadelphia hospital.

Witnesses claimed that they could hear the thud of her fall, which resulted in her legs being bent in multiple directions.

The victim fell off the side of the building facing Gay Street and Prescott Alley, where a witness exited Rite Aid to help the victim. The police were contacted before the victim fell.

Police did not release the men’s names that were involved. The woman’s name was also not released until her family was contacted.

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