Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

Autumn is just around the corner. You will come to expect cooler temperatures, a brisk breeze but above all, a great new wardrobe which will not only be fitting to the change in climate but also to your personal sense of style.There’s no better way to discover interesting and exciting looks than to visit Fashion Week in New York City where the latest collections from the hippest designers are revealed. After a bit of research, I deliver these styles to you in the form of words.

It’s not as illustrious, but it’s a lot closer than New York City.

A pale color mixed with dark shades is the musthave collaboration in your closet this fall. Mid-length cotton tops accented with flowery accessories or ribbons can uphold a classic look with a hint of elegance.

Black slacks are the perfect bottom half and not to mention an all-time fall fashion staple that can be useful for so many occasions. If you’re looking for a dressier look, instead of slacks maybe you’d prefer a knee-length ruffled black or charcoal-colored skirt. A skirt like this is very useful, and much more feminine and romantic than a pair of slacks.

Seeing as how we’re college students, “dressing up” isn’t exactly our thing, but not to fear: there are plenty of casual yet classy ideas for your run-of-the mill school day.

Keep it simple.

Your favorite pair of dark denims with a white or black knit top can be simply adorable, given the right accessories.

As the leaves turn their color, so should you. Deep oranges, yellows, golds and ruby-reds are excellent accent colors. Belts, earrings, necklaces and even hand-bags can spruce up a simple outfit like the one mentioned above.

Mixing and matching these fall shades can also bring out a colorful yet subdued look that any girl can pull off beautifully.

As far as blazers go, look for styles that include asymmetrical cuts, lines and patterns. This off-kilter style will keep you right in line with fashion’s latest looks.

Also when it comes to blazers, the bigger the collar, the better. Wide open collars not only look great on the blazer itself, but it will open upyour chest and neck line, enhancing your facial features without drowning you out or covering you up.

And for your feet this fall, don’t go stumbling around campus in heels that kill your feet and leave you with blisters. Lowheels are do-able, or even better: flats! Moccasins are the easiest shoes to wear and alsolook great with nearly everything. Open-toed flats in brown,cream or dark green can also add flare to a slightly drab outfit.

There you have it. A little fashion advice to guide you on your way to a fabulous fall.

Next stop, King of Prussia.

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