Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

If you’re sitting in your room reading this article, that’s your first mistake of the semester.There are plenty of warm days left that could be put to good use by joining one of the many intramural sports teams offered here at WCU.

Are organized sports a little too serious for you? It just so happens that WCU offers two different divisions. The Purple division for more competitive athletes and the Gold division for those who wish to participate in a more leisurely form of competition.

Some of the fall intramural sports include: Beach Volleyball, Floor Hockey, Flag Football and Three on Three Basketball, among many others. Intramural sports are playedon North Campus, either in Ehinger Gym or on Hollinger Field.

So how can one get in on the action? All of the information including a calendar, a handbook containing all of the rules and regulations as well as an online team registration page can be found at http://iws.wcupa.edu/campusrec/intramurals.htm, or you can contact the Department of Recreation and Leisure Programs in Ehinger Gym Room 133 at 610-436-1REC.

Students may also sign up as free agents if they cannot get a team together. A free agent will then be placed on a team by the REC office. Another option is that many of the residence halls on north campus are forming their own teams to compete.

There is a twenty-five dollar registration/forfeit fee for all teams and all teams will be required to identify a captain to serve as a liaison between the team and the REC office.

Registration for most intramural sports is currently going on at the REC office. Intramural field hockey, however, does not begin registration until Sept. 12. Registration for most sports will be closing soon.

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