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It is never a good feeling when you reach into your wallet and find nothing but a few lousy pennies. If this situation sounds too familiar, it may be time to consider getting a parttime job. Luckily, West Chester is filled with opportunities to find a job that not only pays the bills but is actually enjoyable as well. There are a wide variety of employment positions available around town. Some of the most popular and lucrative jobs are found in bars and restaurants. Some food establishments also look for counter help or delivery people in order to help their businesses run smoothly. Another popular employment destination is retail. Stores throughout town will often seek college students to assist customers in making their purchasing decisions. There is also the opportunity to find a retail job at one of the local malls. Both Exton Square and King of Prussia have a multitude of stores that are almost always looking for extra help.

If this sounds too hectic, maybe an office job would be the ideal choice. Many businesses will look for someone to help file papers or answer phones several days a week. The first step in looking for a job is to narrow your focus. Do you want to work with food and customers, or would you rather function in a more private facility? If you are a people person with good social skills, than look for a job that utilizes these strengths. If computers hold more appeal, then an office or data entry position could be better. Also, consider any previous experience from other jobs. Pay attention to what was enjoyable in the past, and try to find something similar. Many serving or bartending positions require experience, so keep this in mind when applying. Senior Communications Studies student, Nikki Kilroy, used her dancing experience in order to secure a part-time job.

She said, “I’ve been dancing at the same studio since I was three, so it seemed logical that I would eventually teach there. I was really excited when they approached me about instructing my own classes.” Now it is time to look for job openings. Simply walking around town or checking out the local malls could be a good starting point. Many stores will post help wanted signs if they are in need of more employees.

If access to a car is available, there are more options open to you, but if you do not have a vehicle, there are many places within walking distance to check out. Public transportation is also an option. Another source of employment information is the newspaper. The West Chester Voice, The Daily Local and The Quad all have help wanted sections in every edition.

Most places will include a description of the position and contact information. Finally, try asking fellow students and acquaintances. People who already work at a job will probably know whether or not that place is hiring more employees. This is also an ideal way of finding out about the pros and cons of the position and the actual company. Filling out an application is the initial step in placing that new job. Bring all necessary information so that you do not have to come back again.

This includes past employers and managers, contact information and references. After completing the application, take down the name of the current manager and the phone number of the business that you are applying for. If the manager calls back, make sure to return the call as soon as possible in order to look professional and not be overlooked. If there is no call-back within a week, contact the business again to make sure your application did not get misplaced. If an interview is required in order to get hired, take it very seriously. Dress professionally and make sure to arrive on time. Having an upbeat and confident attitude can make anyone appear more desirable for a position. Remember to stress any particular strengths or skills that could make you especially qualified for this position. Employers appreciate responsibility and maturity in their employees since they are entrusting them with important business tasks.

Ed Knight, owner of Culinary Deliveries, said, “Employees need to have a good focus. They need to be on-time and reliable. Since many people I hire are in college, they are usually very knowledgeable about computers and basic business practices. It helps too if students are honest about their school schedules so that I know how much time they can devote to this job.”

Working off campus is a great opportunity to meet new people from around the area and also secure some extra cash for those days off. Even if it takes a few tries, that ideal job is out there, and it can be yours. Just put some effort and energy into narrowing your focus, finding locations, and securing the position.

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