Sun. Apr 14th, 2024

No longer are WCU students restricted on food choices. A typical eating schedule for a regular West Chester student is outlined here; 1) Skip breakfast, because no one wants to get up earlier than they have to to eat bagels and cereal. 2)Lunch is eithera quick stop at Sykes or a sit-down at Lawrence. 3)Finally dinner, which some people skip due in large part to the fact that they overslept from their afternoon nap but is normally eaten at Lawrence again or the Side Caf. However, we can now put an end to the monotony of daily eating habits. The new Ramecard allows students to use their Ram Bucks at various restaurant and eateries aroundWest Chester. First and most important is the much-loved West Chester Diner, which is open 25 hours a day and is a welcome place to study, have chats with friends and, of course, eat. Another great dining destination is Iron Hill Brewery on the corner of High and Gay streets. Iron Hill offers good food, pleasant atmosphere and an exciting place to spend time on a Friday night. Pizza-lovers will be pleased that Papa Johns is now accepting Ram Bucks. Other pizza joints on the list are New Haven Pizza and Schiano’s Las Vegas Pizza Eater on Gay Street. Chinese food is always popular with the college crowd and now with King Chef taking Ram Bucks it will be even more in demand. King Chef has delicious, well-priced food and they deliver to campus. Other places now accepting Ram Bucks include: Sprazzo, which serves gelato and coffee, and The Bistro, on Nields Street, which has great deals for WCU students. The last business on the list is CVS on Paoli Pike. CVS offers students a place to purchase their basic dormitory needs and avoid the high prices of the Sykes bookstore.

Remember that students can also use their Ram Bucks for laundry machines in Wayne, Killinger, Schmidt, Sanderson and McCarthy halls. Ram Bucks are also accepted at the SSI bookstore. Also, students can now deposit and deactivate their cards online, at http://onlinecardoffice. com/wcupa/. If you cannot get online, there is a Ram card machine on the bottom floor of Sykes. Remember that new merchants are added all the time so check the Web site to see where your Ram bucks are accepted. Thanks to the Rame-card WCU students are free to use their hard-earned money at many fabulous businesses around West Chester.

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