Thu. Jun 13th, 2024


Earth Day celebrated its 43rd anniversary on April 22. That did not stop the students of West Chester University from celebrating all week. 

Friday saw a celebration of Earth Day in the Academic Quad from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The tables were manned with a diverse array of students. What connected them all was the holiday spirit for Earth Day.

There were many notable tables in the Academic Quad that day. The Earth Club distributed seed bombs, a mix of clay, soil, an a little bit of seeds. Once a person makes one, they can throw it in a deserted area, which will hopefully cause a flower to grow. The Chester County Medical Reserve Corps were giving out special bags with an abundance of interesting things.  They also provided important information on how to deal with disasters such as hurricanes. 

The slackliners were out in full force, showing off their skills. They were also open to allow others to try to slackline

There was also free food, which is always sure to attract college students. Students could enjoy some free stir-fry, which also had a special green touch because it was solar powered. The Academic Quad was filled with innovative new ideas and activities.

As for the weather, it could not have been a better day. The sun was shining as brightly as possible. It was a great day to be outside with other people.  The students noticed this too and came out in full force, but they were also joined by older members of the community. The Earth Fair attracted many different people from many different walks of life. It was great to see so many students celebrating Earth Day. It is always important to remember the effect that humans can have on the planet. We all should do our best to make it a positive one.

Jack Barnett is a fourth-year student majoring in history and political science. He can be reached at

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