Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

“Glory Daze,” a new comedy that debuts Tuesday on TBS, is one of a smattering of TV shows that have been set at college (in this case, a fraternity at a fictional Indiana university in 1986). Here are five others:”Delta House” (1979) _ The unsuccessful, small-screen version of “Animal House” featured many of the same actors reprising their movie roles, although Josh Mostel (Zero’s son) starred as “Blotto” Blutarsky, the younger brother of John Belushi’s “Bluto” Blutarsky. Also in the cast, an unknown actress named Michelle Pfeiffer, playing “The Bombshell.”

“Brothers and Sisters” (1979) _ “Animal House” ripoff about a fraternity and sorority starring Chris Lemmon (Jack’s son) and Mary Crosby (Bing’s daughter).

“A Different World” (1987-93) – Denise Huxtable (Lisa Bonet) left her “Cosby Show” brood to study at the predominantly black Hillman College, the same school her father and grandfather had attended.

“Roomies” (1987) – Forgotten comedy about a truly odd couple sharing a dorm room: a 42- year-old ex-Marine drill sergeant (Burt Young) and a 14-year-old genius (Corey Haim).

“Undeclared” (2001-02) – Judd Apatow-created comedy set at the fictional University of North Eastern California. The main character was geeky Steven Karp (Jay Baruchel), whose newly single dad (Loudon Wainwright III) spent a lot a time hanging out at his dorm. The cast also included Apatow mainstays Seth Rogen and Jason Segel.

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