Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

As May 19 draws near, fans of George Lucasʼ famous “Star Wars” films are beginning to feel familiar waves of excitement. The upcoming summer release of “Revenge of the Sith,” according to Lucas, will be the long-awaited final chapter in the on-going saga. Dozens of Web sites are devoted to “Star Wars” spoilers: photos, trailers, rumors and news releases, all purporting to tell what will happen in the upcoming film. Many of these sites are created by fans of the movies, and thereʼs even, which is the official site approved by Lucas. However, Web sites are not the only place fans will find spoiler information. On April 2, several major stores celebrated the release of special “Star Wars” promotion items. Wal-Mart opened its doors at 12:01 a.m. to allow die-hard fans have the first pick of the books, action figures, Pez dispensers, and more released. However, while the early release of these items was a dream come true for some people, it became a nightmare for others. After speaking with several students about the subject of spoilers for movies, the majority preferred to stay far away from them.

Despite the fact that there are so many spoilers available, those who may unwillingly oversee or hear such information will not be dissuaded from going to see the movie. According to one student who calls herself a die-hard “Star Wars” fan, “Even if someone lets it slip how the movie ends and/ or the climatic transformation of Anakin to Darth Vader, Iʼll go see it, but I remember when someone told me the secret to the “Sixth Sense” and how that ruined the overall excitement upon first seeing the film.”

In conclusion, there is only one thing to ask: how long can you last without being seduced by the Dark Side?

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