Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

“MC Chris ownz, I want to go to an MC Chris show…” After four years, eager fans were finally able to sing along with their favorite geeky, white rap artist, MC Chris. Better known to some as the infamous MC Pee- Pants from Cartoon Network ʼs popular “Adult Swim” cartoon “Aqua Teen Hunger Force,” this suburban white boy is one talented rap artist. MC Chris is currently playing his very first tour and made a pit stop in Lancaster at the Chameleon Club on Thursday, March 24. MC Chris was absolutely hysterical on- and off-stage. He was extremely interactive with the crowd, and even encouraged a group sing-along to “White Kids Love Hip Hop,” which we all managed to mess up somehow. He told jokes inbetween songs and also shared stories about how he was constantly picked on for his extremely high voice and small stature. Though itʼs true that he may be tiny, he was certainly the big shot at the Chameleon Club. It seemed like everyone loved him.

The opening band was a punk rock group, so the majority of the people there were decked out in attire fitting for a punk rock show, which made myself and fellow MC Chris fans fearful that this show was going to be unsuccessful. We couldnʼt have been more wrong: arguably everyone in the place, punk rock fan or not, had a blast.

Since MC Chris has been a rap artist for four years, he had many songs to choose from and made sure that he covered all the bases for all of his fans. He played a personal favorite of mine, “Fettʼs Vett,” which is a song dedicated to the Star Wars character, Bobafett. He also played favorites such as “Evergreen,” “The Tussin,” “Ten Year Old,” and “Tractorbeam.” It was definitely an awesome show.

Unfortunately, the band who opened, The Trakes, and the rap artist that came on before MC Chris, Shipwreck, went over their allotted times with both of their sets, cutting MC Chrisʼs set almost in half. He wasnʼt able to play for very long but he assured the audience that he wanted to “shake every personʼs hand there” and maybe even call up some of our friends who couldnʼt make it and make fun of them. Iʼve never seen any entertainer be sure to thank every person at the venue of his show, but MC Chris did. He was the most appreciative artist Iʼve ever come in contact with.

Fans of MC Chris should know that he has an upcoming show in Philadelphia at the First Unitarian Church on May 1. For more information on MC Chris, his tour, or merchandise, check it all out on MC Chris concerts are just a fun time all around, and any music fan will enjoy his performances.

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