Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

The steroid issue surrounding Major League Baseball and now other sports as well has created tons of controversy on whether or not it is even that big of a deal.Let?s put it all out into the open. We Know that Barry Bonds and any other player who has doubled in size since the beginning of their career has taken steroids. If you still believe that guys with the swollen heads and the gigantic muscles unknowingly took steroids, please jump back into reality. Forget about Congress and their attempt to figure out who has been on the juice. We already know. This is not the real issue anymore.

The real issue is how the integrity of the game has been hurt. The steroid issued has been said to be the biggest “black eye” in sports since the Black Sox scandal of 1919. The big circus of steroids has real-ly hurt the game only because it was brought to such a high level in the media. Baseball is a game of little things and getting that extra edge. Baseball probably has the most players of any sport going all the way through the minor leagues, and everybody is trying to make the big bucks. Wouldn?t you find a way to get that extra edge if it meant a five million dollar signing bonus and shot in the Major Leagues? That one big contract could make you set for life, providing for yourself and your family. Sure, not every player is going to jump on the juice to make it big, but with our money hungry society, it?s hard to fight that temptation.

There are many other factors in baseball that may be overlooked. Tobacco and alcohol are not illegal in baseball. Who is to say that these substances don?t provide an extra edge? Babe Ruth was knownto be an alcoholic and he is looked at as one of the alltime greats.

Former Phillie Lenny Dykstra used to keep cartons of cigarettes in his locker and centerfield at the Vet was covered from his tobacco spit. There is also a type of amphetamine called “greenies” that players eat to keep them alert throughout the game and the long season. Now isn?t this an advantage? But this is baseball, finding that extra edge to win. I?m not condoning steroids, but maybe it shouldn?t have been put on such a high pedestal. Steroids should be out of the game, but there is always going to be someone who is going to find something new to increase their performance, even if it is illegal.

The players union and MLB need to step up and answer the questions that are being asked. Should the MLB ban steroid users from baseball? Should there be an asterisk next to their names in the record books? Which rules should be amended or should there even be any rules against steroids?

Do steroids give players the talent to be that much more superior than their peers? They need to figure out these questions so baseball can move on and get out of the spotlight as a sport that cheats. This needs to happen so baseball can once again be looked at as America?s pastime.

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