Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

There are many benefits of taking summer classes. First off, you will stay on schedule, instead of getting lazy for the summer. Also, summer classes tend to be smaller, which allows for more interaction with the teacher and other students. Lastly, for those of you who get bored easily, summer classes move at a faster past. Every major offers at least one course in the summer. More importantly, there are lots of general education requirements offered. Students often push these classes aside and get behind. Here is your chance to get caught up. WCU is offering a wide variety of classes this summer. If anyone is behind on their interdisciplinary requirements, WCU has several choices for both the first and second session of the summer. For the first summer session SWO 225, race relations is offered. As well as an urban studies class and a health class. LIT 370 is also available and explores urbanism and modern imagination. The diverse communities courses offered include a class on self-group process, EDE 352. PSC 101, which examines the politics of diversity is available, as well as a theater class focusing on race and gender. In the second summer session, two classes of race relations are offered to fill the interdisciplinary requirement. Other courses include SSC 201, which teaches global perspectives, and a women’s studies course is also open. The diversity courses offered in the second session include a class on urban geography, GEO 312. The politics of race, class, and gender is what you will learn if you take PSC323.

Remember, some classes, such as race relations and the women’s studies class, can fulfill either the interdisciplinary requirement or the diverse communities requirement, but not both simultaneously. Some of us like to give our brain a break for the summer, but why not keep our body in shape.

There are numerous physical education classes offered in both summer sessions. They include; strength training, yoga, karate, and golf.

If you want to stay around campus but studying is out of the question, consider taking one of these courses. It is easier than driving to the gym, and you get an instructor. And just imagine how great you’ll look when everyone returns from summer break. The first summer session begins May 23rd and ends June 23rd. The second session begins on June 27th and ends on July 27th.

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