Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

West Chester student Patrick Hill was arrested for the possession and sale of steroids, the result of an undercover operation by the Chester County Municipal Drug Task Force that began this summer. The 19 year old reportedly sold tablets of stanozonol, an illegal steroid, to police officers out of his apartment in the Rosewood complex on the 700 block of South Walnut St.The Drug Task Force’s report alleges two incidents in which un-dercover officers bought drugs from Hill. Allegedly, on Aug. 6 Hill sold 54 yellow tablets for $65. On Sept. 4, he allegedly sold 104 of the same tablets for $110. Police say tests later revealed these tablets to be stanozonol, a Schedule III controlled substance.

With this evidence, the Drug Task Force obtained a warrant to search Hill’s residence from District Justice Mark Bruno. Police claim to have found over 1,000 dosage units of what they believe to be more steroids, pending further tests. Lt. George Painter of the Chester County Detectives told the Daily Local News that positive identification of these pills will likely result in further charges against Hill.

The Drug Task Force used the same tactics in arresting other West Chester students living and reportedly dealing in the Rosewood apartments. Michael H. Kaighn, Jr., 21, and Michael P. Mayberry, Jr., 20, were arrested on Jan. 15 for selling marijuana to undercover officers. Police allege that on Aug. 22 Mayberry sold them 81.5 grams of marijuana for $720. They allege that on Sept. 11 Mayberry and Kaighn sold them 6.8 grams of marijuana for $90. Like Hill, Mayberry and Kaighn are accused of making the transactions out of their Rosewood apartment.

“We don’t believe these are related incidents,” Chief Albert DiGiacomo told the Daily Local News.

All three suspects were arraigned before District Justice Jeremy Blackburn. At these proceedings, the students were permitted release upon posting 10 percent of the $2,500 bail. Only Kaighn was able to post the sum, while Hill and Mayberry were left in Chester County Prison. On Friday, Kaighn and Mayberry waived the charges and applied to drug court. Hill’s hearing is scheduled for Feb. 6

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