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Beauty, brains and talent are at least three things in common 15 contestants for Miss WCU have.On Saturday, Jan. 31, 2004 West Chester University held it’s sixth annual Miss West Chester University Pageant. The idea started back in 1998 in the basement of Killinger Hall as a resident hall activity and years later it turned into one of West Chester’s biggest annual events. The event concentrates on diligent service of the community, celebrating school spirit and pride.

There were 15 talented women that competed for the title, along with a chance to make a significant awareness and a contribution to their individual platforms. If you missed this spectacular show here is a little information on the contestants.

Ms. Christy Terefenko had a vocal talent, her platform was “Save The Music.” Parents and friends sponsored her.

Sponsored by Killinger Hall RHA, Ms. Amy Jean Rae played the Saxophone for her talent, her platform was ” Reduce and Remedy the Effects of Poverty on a Local Level.”

“AIDS Awareness,” was Ms. Sheila Coyle’s platform. Coyle did a vocal and piano performance, she was sponsored by University Theatre.

Ms. Tiffany Ford had a dance talent. Her platform was “Breast Cancer Awareness,” she was sponsored by Sanderson Hall RHA.

A vocal and guitar performance was done by Ms. Jennifer Lynn Jacobs. Her platform was “Bancroft Neurohealth,” and Kevin Hansberry sponsored her.

Ms. Angela Riccetti had a vocal talent, her platform was “Bridging the Generation Gap,” and the University Theatre sponsored her.

Ms. Holly Russell displayed her baton twirling talent, and her platform was “Lung Disease American Lung Association”. She was sponsored by Russell’s School of Baton and Dance.

Ms. Toni Davis had a vocal talent, her platform was “Amnion-Abstinence Education,” and Melissa Allison sponsored her.

Ms. Belle R. Kennedy performed expressive poetry as her talent, her platform was “Reading is Fundamental-RIF,” and Wanda Brantley sponsored her.

Ms. April Bridget Halligan had a talent of dance, her platform was “Awareness of Multiple Sclerosis.” Her sponsor was family and friends.

Ms. Karen Snyderman had a poetry/monologue talent, her platform was “B nai B rith Youth Organization” (BBYO), she was sponsored by Kid View Inc.

Ms. Liz Seymour had a vocal talent, her platform was “Smoking Rights Education,” and she was sponsored by Blink, Young People’s Theatre and Sanderson Hall RHA.

Ms. Lauren A. Williams had a dance talent, her platform was “Breast Cancer Awareness,” and Craig and Deborah Williams sponsored her.

Ms. Liz March had a vocal talent, her platform was “Advocating Camping Programs

for Mentally Challenged and Handicapped Children and Adults,” and College Park Communities sponsored her.

Ms. Kelly Coldren’s talent was dance, her platform was “Providing assistance and support to families caring for a terminally ill member,” and she was sponsored by family.

There were five judges, Deborah Pruitt, Bethany Watson, Shoha Parekh, Nick Polcini and Maria Jackson and six corporate sponsors. The scoring for the pageant was based on 40 percent off-stage interview, 25 percent free expression, 15 percent casual wear, 15 percent evening wear, and 5 percent on stage question All contestants received a Ms. WCU T-shirt and gift Bag, a $70 Beauticontrol gift certificate, Auntie Anne’s pretzel gift certificate, and a turn for the Judges and Pageantry Magazine.

The Award for Miss Congeniality was given to Riccetti, and she received a $50 award and trophy. The Award for Leadership went to Snyderman, along with a $50 award and trophy. The Award for Community Service went to March, who won a $50 award and a trophy. The Award for Academics went to Seymour, and she won a $50 Award and a trophy. The Award for Poise and Presence went to Coyle, and she won a $50 award and trophy.

The Award for talent went to Ford. She won $50, a trophy and a gift certificate. And the Award for Non-Finalist Award went to Kennedy and she won a $50 Award, a gift certificate, and a trophy.

Prior to Rachel Brooks passing down the legacy and crown of Miss WCU, she performed a Latin dance, which all of the contestants came out to help her conclude, and gave a farewell speech.

In her speech she spoke about a few things that has learned and has changed her life throughout the duration of her being Miss WCU.

She has become more confident in public speaking due to bringing awareness to her platform. And most of all how becoming Miss WCU has exposed her to so many people from all walks of life.

The evening concluded with the announcement of the top winners of the night. The fourth winner up award went to March; she won a $75 Award.

The Third winner up award was Davis; who won a $100 Award the second winner up Award went to Jennifer Lynn Jacobs; winning a $150 Award. The First winner up Award went to Angela Riccetti; she won a $175 Award.

And last but not least, Miss WCU 2004 Award went to Liz Seymour, she won a $500 Award, and more than two tons of other goodies.

After the show, Rachel Brooks, the former Ms. WCU, was asked how she felt about helping pass down this West Chester University tradition and letting go of the crown, she replied, “Because of the Miss WCU pageant, 2003 was the best year of my life. Liz Seymour was crowned Miss WCU 2004. I am sad that my year is over but I am excited for Liz. She is a phenomenal young woman and I

have total confidence that she will take the title to the next level.

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