Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022

To the Editor:My name is Ed Knight and I am the owner of Culinary Deliveries. I have written this letter in response to a letter printed last week. As owner of Culinary Deliveries, I am proud to serve the West Chester community and the University students, on and off campus. We at Culinary Deliveries take pride in establishing relationships with our customers and would like to think that we give the best possible service available.

I would like to address the concerns of the young lady who wrote the previous “Letter to the Editor” and anyone else who may have felt slighted by our previous coupon/special policy. We at Culinary Deliveries have tried to put out a good product, at a reasonable price. In doing so, we have included many specials to exclusively accommodate the students at West Chester University. We are now adopting a new policy for on-campus and South Campus residents. After we have established a student as an on-campus or South Campus resident, we will inform them of our specials while ordering, thus allowing the customer the opportunity to take advantage of our specials.

We have long recognized that a good customer relationship includes open communication where any problems that arise be solved in a timely manner, thus making our services the best that they could possibly be. We encourage any problems to be resolved through CIVIL and ADULT ways that both meet and address the problem, without use of curse words and profanity, both of which are not necessary or welcome. We have for many years worked to establish a service to the University and community. As continuing acts of good will, we have donated not only money, but also time and effort to different causes throughout the University for sports, recreation and the arts and humanities and the West Chester community in general. Culinary Deliveries will continue these acts of good will because by doing so it assists in helping keep West Chester a thriving and strong community. I would like to thank The Quad newspaper for giving me the forum to respond to our readers concerns.

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