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The West Chester University women’s golf team recently finished eighth at the 2006 Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference Championship in Hummelstown, Pa. The 36-hole, two-day tournament was held at the Wren Dale Golf Club on its par 72, 7009-yard course.

Sarah Lussier fired a 175 to tie for 34th overall and finish first for the Golden Rams. She recorded an 83 on Sunday afternoon, the best 18-hole round for any of the WCU women.

Lussier is not your typical student-athlete. The first year golfer is from St. Lambert, Quebec, where French is as common as English. In fact, French is her first language.

Lussier said that although she spoke both languages in Quebec, she has always studied and learned in French. Going to school in a 100 percent English environment for the first time has taken some getting used to, but Lussier takes it all in stride.

“Professors have been very nice and helpful,” said Lussier. She is majoring in Communication Studies, and although she seems completely fluent with only a slight accent to give her away, she still struggles as she gets used to all of the slang and dialects.

“When I am studying, I always have a dictionary open next to me,” she said with a smile. She doesn’t mind having to study more than most students, “because thinking about it another way, I am learning [English].”

When asked about why she chose to come to West Chester, she said that the oppurtunity to play on the women’s golf team was a big factor, but also because of an uncle who lives in nearby Malvern who told her it was a good school. “Good size, not too big,” she said referring to the size of the University.

“I wanted to have the experience of coming to the U.S. to study. It looks great on a resume.”

Lussier also raved about the weather conditions and abundance of golf courses in the United States. “In Canada, there are only two really good golf months (July and August), and you can only play between May and September and maybe October.”

Although she likes it at West Chester, her heart lies in Canada. She plans to return there after college. “I get to go home about once a month,” she said.

Lussier learned to play golf from her father when she was only eight. “At first I hated it,” Lussier said, “but as I got better it grew on me.” Golf became a huge part of her life. She even met her best friend on a golf course.

Lussier’s career best round was a 79 that she shot at her home course, The Country Club of Montreal, in St. Lambert. She won the Club’s championship two summers ago.

With just one tournament remaining in the fall schedule, Lussier said she would like to play between 82-86.

After this tournament, golf does not end for Lussier or the rest of the Women’s Golf Team.

“In winter you train indoors. It’s hard, definitely not easy.”

As far as favorite golfers are concerned, Lussier admires the play of Tiger Woods and Annika Sorenstam, but said that she doesn’t really model her game after any particular pro.

When asked about women playing in men’s events, Lussier said that she thinks Sorenstam can compete because she has dominated women’s events. Michele Wie on the other hand probably shouldn’t, “She isn’t mature enough yet.”

Golf has become a passion for Lussier. She said that she would like to go pro someday. “It is one of my dreams,” she said and then paused to laugh, “but now there are so many good girls that it will be very hard. I shot an 83 and was all happy, and then I hear that another girl shot a 69.”

Lussier said if professional golf is not in the cards that she is interested in advertising or something in business, but she really isn’t sure at this point. “All business guys play golf!” she laughed.

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