Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

On a normal Sunday afternoon, the town of West Chester is filled with people walking their pets, traffic backed up for miles, and hungover college students telling their tales from the previous evening. On Sunday September 19, West Chester was a changed town. The Restaurant Fair, an annual event filled with lots of tasty treats, was held on a summerlike afternoon on Gay Street. This event is one in which vendors from all over West Chester and the surrounding areas come to give people a taste of some of their best flavors for extremely low prices. In short, it is truly the food lover’s dream.

The food possibilities are endless; from cheeseburgers to lobster ravioli to pulled pork sandwiches to gourmet cupcakes, even those with willpower could be seen shoving their faces. Up and down the street, vendors would be shouting and joking, trying to get the next passerby to choose them over the rest.

The tantalizing smells still bring tears to my eyes. Not only was the food out of this world, but so was the crowd of people. There were thousands of people walking the streets looking for the next delicious bite to sink their teeth into. I thought the halls of my high school were extremely crowded, but those years didn’t prepare me for all of the congestion West Chester encountered that afternoon.

Not that it was a bad thing, being surrounded by strangers all there with the same strategy was exciting. There was so much energy flowing through everyone it was hard not to have a smile constantly plastered on your face.

People traveled from all over to get delectable food at dirt cheap prices. Most of the entrees, if not all, were priced at five dollars or below. I mean, you can’t even by a drink for that cheap anymore let alone a meal.

There was even a special section specifically closed off called the “Beer Garden” which consisted of those wanting to share a few drinks with friends and enjoy the live entertainment that the fair offered.

If food is not your forte though, no worries because there were plenty of street vendors selling jewelry, scarves, handbags, and even dog treats.

As I walked the streets I could not help but be overcome by all of the activity going on around me. An average Sunday afternoon turned into quite the adventure through the streets I thought I already knew so well.

The best thing about this fair is that it is truly the fair for everyone. People avoid amusement parks because they are afraid of roller coasters, and people pass up circuses because clowns are creepy, but who in their right mind would avoid a place filled with amazing food? Unless you are crazy or just too tired to crawl out of bed, the answer to that is no one.

So when next fall rolls around and everyone is excited for football games, new friendships, and the all important three day weekend, remember to keep an eye out for the annual Restaurant Fair.

Your wallet and your stomach will thank you.

Sarah Griggs is a second-year student majoring in English/Secondary Education. She can be reached at

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