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Soccer is not the most watched sport in this country. Most complain that the game is boring and there is not enough scoring. When it comes to West Chester University soccer, there was a reason for low scoring affairs and tightly marked defense, and that would be Senior Captain Josh Harris. A true student of the game, Harris anchored the West Chester defense that allowed just 26 goal the entire season. The sweeper for the Golden Rams started all but the last game of the season in which he was forced to sit the bench and watch his team get into the playoffs in a must win final game of the season. But Harris was not quietly watching the game. Harris was a vocal leader, shouting and encouraging from the bench, like a captain should leading his soldiers into battle.

Harris, a fourth year student majoring in secondary education/history, has finished his fourth year on the team and now will have to sit and watch his team in 2008 from the sidelines. Harris finished his collegiate career with 15 goals, including 5 in the 2005 season, which led the team that year. Josh will continue taking classes at the University and was the first senior to be interviewed in the Senior-Six-Shooter.

Quad: What is life after soccer for you?
Harris: Keep going to school and keep working. I am planning on teaching history and hopefully coaching soccer.
Quad: What was your greatest accomplishment in your collegiate career?
Harris: Being a four-year starter and a captain two straight years. Also being named all-league twice was great.
Quad: Do you see yourself playing soccer after college?
Harris: Unfortunately probably not, but I do plan on coaching. I am already coaching a U-11 team in Down- ington and hopefully some day I can coach in high school or even college
Quad: What is the soccer workout regiment on the collegiate level?
Harris: You have to get into really good shape. If you think you are tired than you have to keep running. I wouldn’t wish our three a day preseason sessions on my worst enemy, but I do want to work out with the team next year to get back into good shape.
Quad: What can WCU do to boost the popularity of the game with its students?
Harris: It is tough because our field is on South Campus so it is hard for people who want to see the game to come and watch. I guess it would be cool to actually get a game day bus to move people from North campus to South campus or moving the games to North campus but I don’t see that happening.
Quad: What does the West Chester Soccer team have to look forward to next year?
Harris: A lot of young talented players and some great goal scorers. Also the PSAC is splitting into East and West which means they play more teams; different teams. As long as they listen to Coach Kendall, they will be great.

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