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To the Editor, I just read the article “Parking Problem” in this last issue. I can relate to everything that the author said in the article. I commute from South Philly for classes and think parking for commuter students needs to improve soon. There’s lots of stress driving out to West Chester with traffic congestion, then more stress trying to find a parking spot and make class on time, and then even more stress caused by the long ride home to Philly.

I had class last night and saw the plastic bags over the meters on Church Street. I think there were five to six spots blocked, probably for the trailers from the bookstore. This is not fair. Can’t they put the trailers somewhere else without taking up parking spaces that commuter students need?

-Jim Walker, West Chester University Student

To the Editor:

My name is Hans van Mol and in addition to being a junior music education major, I’m also President of the Off Campus & Commuter Association (OCCA) and a member of the University Parking Committee.

I just recently read your op-ed article in The Quad regarding the parking situation here on campus, and I agree with most of the points that you made. Yes, I have dealt with the inevitable horror that usually is finding a parking spot here on campus, and know exactly what you go through. I’ve commuted three years now and know how you feel. After reading your article though, I felt you should know exactly what the university is doing, why parking has become the extra-nightmare it’s become, and some ways to help.

The university started drilling in L lot at the end of last semester. The reason they started while the term was still in session was because the drilling is being funded by a grant given to the Facilities Division. However, this project needed to be started before the semester ended or else Facilities would lose the grant. They chose to start it then because this drilling is a three month project. By so doing they’re only closing down the lot to students for a few weeks, whereas it could’ve been closed for three or more months (many other students and I would’ve been upset about that!). This way, the majority of the work is done over the summer, and L Lot will hopefully be reopening near the beginning of Fall 2010. Luckily, there will be a temporary “Sanderson Lot” available for commuter use where the old Sanderson dorm used to be. Parking will be available there until construction begins on that site.

I know that this doesn’t exactly help a whole lot, but I appreciate reading concerns. I’ve always felt that commuters should make their voices heard when it comes to their issues. If you or other commuters are so able, I would love to invite you to join OCCA this fall to better voice your concerns. Our meetings will be on Wednesdays at noon in Sykes 209, and we provide free lunch at these meetings!

-Hans van Mol, West Chester University Student

To the Editor:

After seeing this advertisement in the last two editions of the paper, I was forced to write in. In your classified section, you have an advertisement for College Pro Painters. This so-called “job” is one of the biggest scams on the market. It preys on college kids by stating that they can “make $30,000 in one summer.” What college kid wouldn’t bite at that kind of an opportunity? I really enjoy reading this paper every week, but when you allow such scams like College Pro Painters into your publication, without first bothering to research what it actually is, it makes me angry.

I thought this paper was for students, written by students? What student could let another fall into that trap? I’ve heard about students being forced to drop out of school because they were in debt thanks to the actions company. Please, for the sake of those who aren’t willing to do the research on their own, remove this ad from your paper. Please don’t let students fall into this trap.

-Andrew Lebresco, West Chester University Student

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