Sun. Aug 7th, 2022

West Chester University was chosen by the State Farm Insurance Company as a Priority School for 2005, entitling the university to submit proposals for significant funding for programs and campaigns that can include new building projects, renovations and facility enhancements.Loretta MacAlpine, interim director of WCU?s public relations and marketing, said “We are very honored to have been selected.” West Chester is one of just three universities chosen from the region, and just thirteen in the country, for the year. State Farm, a popular insurance company, has assisted institutions of higher learning by distributing grants and establishing beneficial relationships with specific schools.

Priority Schools must meet two criteria to be considered: the quality of the school and its programs, and the school?s prior relationship with State Farm.

As far as what the grant will be used for, MacAlpine explained that State Farm has invited the university to submit proposals, but the proposal is still in the works so the exact use of the grant is not yet known. Whatever the money is used to fund, it is to benefit students in the business field.

According to their Web site, State Farm is committed to education and raising achievement levels of both students and teachers, “to help make dreams come true.” The types of grants offered that are considered for Priority Schools include those for insurance studies, actuarial science, and business related fields; university scholarships and leadership training; and financial services centers that offer coursework and resources to students and professionals in the financial services arena.

State Farm also donates to organizations and to K-12 schools. For K-12 schools, grants are given for academic achievement initiatives, after school programs, teacher excellence programs, andschool-to-work success programs that help high school graduates and trade school students find successful jobs.

Other priority schools on the college and university level have used their funds for scholarships, upgrading of equipment, and remodeling of departments. WCU is grateful for this opportunity. A proposal with the hopeful plans will be submitted to State Farm.

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