Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

John Stamos is staging a comeback in a big way. With the new show “Jake in Progress,” Stamos is portraying a man that almost everyone can relate to, male and female. The show follows the life of Jake, who is trying to find his place in the world and knows that what will make it complete is a girl to love. The show follows Jake on some dates and break-ups and there are some touching moments. Stamos, who everyone remembers as Uncle Jesse from “Full House,” is endearing as a ladies man trying to change his ways. He is portrayed as the man that his brothers-in-law love and every woman wants to date but canʼt seem to pin down.The show does get a little cheesy at times with the David Blaine wanna-be that has attached himself to Jake and follows him around, and in the back-to-back episodes last week, Jake was seen with two different women with no mention of the other to follow up on just what happened on their date. However, these may be kinks that will be worked out as the show goes along and we as viewers get to know them.

In the wake of “Sex in the City,” it is nice to have a show that shows the world of dating, and it is fun to see it fromthe maleʼs perspective in a clean cut way. The quirky way that they portray the dates and the split screens will have viewers wanting to tune in for shows to come. All in all, it is a fun show and it is good to see Stamos back on the air.

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