Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

With New York’s Fashion Week behind us, it’s time for an overview of what was put out on the runway and how to translate high-class fashion into college campus chic.The starting point this year is hard to find due to the variety of trends being displayed and discussed. This year is borderline anti-trend, but there is a decent list of spring staples.

The most talked about and anticipated look for the spring is the white dress. Every designer had a version of this clean, ultra-feminine article of clothing and each one was stunning. Lengths and styles varied.

Black and white prints are just as sophisticated as the plain white dress. There are no rules to prints and patterns if they stay within black and white boundaries.

There was also plenty of color on the runways, with this year’s top favorite being yellow. Before getting excited, mustard yellow has not made its comeback. Softer shades of yellow contributed to the overall feminine feel of Fashion Week. The second color on the list is blue and the shades can range from light to royal to navy.

If neither of these colors work, don’t worry. There is an obvious variety of color trends and designers showed them all off. Bright colors define spring. There are no guidelines, but wear colors responsibly. There is no excuse for neon green.

Spring dresses may not be the dominate fashion on campus, but do not rule them out. Basic fabrics can make dresses into casual attire. Shirt dresses with belts are still popular and can be worn with tight-fitting jeans or pants. Again, lengths can vary. To show off legs, go shorter and wear wedges. Going below the knee will create a more classic look. A pair of flats will also help make the look more casual.

Floral patterns and prints are another spring staple. They are gorgeous in black and white, but also thrive in bright colors. Bold prints give a dress or skirt an edgier feel. Flowers also show up on hems.

Since most students do not show up to class in dresses, the next best trend is one that has been dubbed the name, Sporty Chic. Long, fitted hoodies with big pockets are comfortable and cute. This is where colors or patterns are a must. Three quarter sleeves can help with the transition to warmer days.

Layers will also help with the transition. Having survived the past few seasons, they are still going strong. Long tees help lengthen the torso and slim down the figure. They also give you the opportunity to wear blazers, hoodies, and jackets that are shorter in length.

The runway fashions that will have a tough time making their way into the real world include bubble skirts, metallic fabrics and extra baggy pants. Metallics that were used for futuristic looks failed. When used in a more subtle way, metallics can work. Gold and silver sandals can compliment an outfit without being overbearing.

Accessories can’t be forgotten. Bangle bracelets can add a modern touch to most outfits. Cocktail rings with large stones add class. Rose broaches go along with the popular floral trend. Hard headbands add a sophisticated feel. The idea is to add a simple touch to outfits. Try not to over accessorize, as simple will always be chic.

As for the shoes, ballet flats and wedges made a comeback and no one should complain.

With so many options and ideas, there is an opportunity for everyone to make their own fashion statement. Take the basic ideas and form them into what fits best.

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