Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

This spring, bright is the way to be. Every shop window is dolled up with mannequins in lively new duds, that simply scream out not only to think spring, but to think fun! This year the spring and summer seasons can affectionately be known as the “citrus seasons.” Bright oranges, yellows, melons, and pinks will leave you gorgeous and glowing with style. The typical spring staple would be the cropped pant, also known as “capri pants.” They are back in style and bigger than ever. They are mostly being presented in khaki, cream and white. Darker colors are not only less attractive in this style pant but never mix well with spring and summer styles.

As this style of pant serves for the preppy style, what about the flower children? Peasant style tops and skirts are back in full force as well. Flowing, linen skirts with floral prints will also illuminate the fresh, fruity colors this spring and summer season have to offer. A taste of the sixties never hurt a soul, but in fact made that soul a bit more fashionable!

Something that is truly for everyone is the newest craze: layering. Layering tops of different cuts and colors, (that do not necessarily match), is a key fashion hint if youʼd like to take the easy road to being a style goddess. The best color choices for layering tops are usually a bright color under a dark color and then an accent color, used with an accessory such as earrings or a belt.

Accessories, more than ever, are key this season. Funky earrings, usually gold or bright colored, along with a dangling necklace and a big, hot-colored stone ring are perfect ideas to accent any and all outfits. Some people think itʼs impossible to be at the height of fashion in a little town or city and just arenʼt quite sure where to shop.

The best place to go at the nearby Exton Mall is so close, the best places there to shop are H&M, Forever 21 and American Eagle. American Eagle, along with Abercrombie and Fitch, will help you in the preppy department, with short denim skirts, button down tops, and everyoneʼs favorite cropped pant. H&M has a large selection of peasant tops, skirts and accessories.

They can also dress the beach bum in us all with their inexpensive yet extremely cute flip-flops and bathing suits. If youʼre the kind of girl who loves the night life, Forever 21 is a haven for sparkly or beaded tops which are great for dance clubs or even a night out on the town. They also have a huge selection of stylish tank tops, belts and earrings. Other places that are always worth a shot are your local thrift stores, Salvation Army or the Goodwill.

They take a bit more time to root through all of the clothes, but you will almost always find something thatʼll bring out the individual in you. With a lot of time and some determination Thrift stores are usually best for finding accessories. Itʼs hard to find tops or pants that will fit you appropriately, but you can always get lucky.

This spring/summer season will keep you bright and cheery, whether the sun is shining or not. Have fun with your outfits, be creative and always remember to think bright.

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