Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

To the Editor: I am appauled by the lack of effort or attention given to clearing the snow from the sidewalks of the campus. I walked to and from Ruby Jones today, and there was still sidewalks completely snowcovered and untouched. There were steps near Anderson that weren’t cleaned. There were walks around the library that were still covered. It is absolutely ridiculous that this university’s administration cannot have the walks plowed properly. After all, we pay outrageous tuitions and ridiculous fees for everything and yet we can’t even expect to have clear sidewalks on which to walk, at the very least, for the sake of safety. I’ll bet the president’s house has a clear driveway and sidewalks, though.

Eddie Thompson Fourth-year student

To the Editor:

Although your paper does a pretty good job covering sports, there is a team on campus that you have left out week after week. That would be the track and field team. We practice outside in storms, cold weather and windy conditons. We have practice twice a day, and we are a varsity sport here on campus. We compete every weekend, and there are some people on the team that I believe should be recognized. The entire team should be recongized for there dedication. There are a few people that have qualified for the national meet, people that are seated on top of the PSAC and even on top in the nation. It would be nice to have some recgonition. Our PSAC meet is in two weeks February 24th and 25th. Thanks Danielle Scardino Memeber and Captain of WCU track and field team.

Danielle Scardino

Captain, WCU Track & Field Team Third-year student

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