Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

West Chester students found a different way to take a stab at school rival Cheyney University last week.This time it wasn’t a Homecoming football massacre, a last-second basketball victory or baseball trouncing; it was a direct stab at the Cheyney University prostitution incident.

Last week, Sakinah Kenyell Floyd, 35, allegedly offered sexual services in two Cheyney dormitories. To police and students’ surprise, Floyd was found carrying medication to help treat a disease, to which she later admitted she was HIV positive.

Floyd is being charged with multiple counts of prostitution and is being held on $30,000 bail. Floyd’s preliminary hearing was scheduled for Feb. 15, with more hearings forthcoming.

Cheyney University officials quickly urged any involved parties who came in sexual contact with the accused to get tested immediately for HIV. Cheyney will be offering transportation to testing facilities in order to prevent a potentially serious epidemic.

Floyd reportedly was seen running around naked inside one of the dorms. In addition, she provided oral sex to two Cheyney residents for $20. These are just two of 10 reported cases.

In response, last Wednesday, West Chester University sent out a mass e-mail to students living in dormitories stating, “There has been a recent incident which occurred at Cheyney University involving prostitution in the residence halls.” It continued, “If you or anyone you know may have come in contact with this woman it is imperative that that person get him/herself checked out and tested for HIV.”

The e-mail caused some inquiries, moral judgments and rumors to West Chester students. After inquiry to why this email was sent, Melissa Rowley, Resident Director of Goshen Hall responded via e-mail, “We want to make sure that the WCU students are aware of what is going on and since Cheyney is so close, if any of our students did come in contact with this woman we want them to know what is going on and what options are available to them.”

Some West Chester University students, however, are taking this serious matter very lightheartedly and using it as a means of attack to their college rival. Facebook groups attacking Cheyney have been formed such as “Help AIDS in Cheyney” causing outrage and threats amongst Cheyney individuals vying that group members are making light of a serious situation.

“Help AIDS in Cheyney” displays the Product Red logo, a nationally recognized program set up with companies such as Apple and Gap to help raise money for those suffering from AIDS in Africa. In addition are photographs of Magic Johnson, a NBA player who retired because he suffers from AIDS, Cheyney University Cheerleaders and malnourished Africans.

Cheyneyians are also taking offense by reporters covering this story, making a media spectacle and issuing cries of slander and media abuse.

Cheyney students and administrators want to move on and forget about the stigma the college has received. With the entire campus talking, and health alerts littering the campus, Cheyney students are finding it harder and harder to return to everyday life.

If you or anyone you know have/has come in contact with the woman, it is imperative that HIV testing is done. The Health Center located on the second floor of Wayne Hall provides confidential HIV testing.

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