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   On Tuesday, Sept. 27, West Chester University held a recreation center signing ceremony outside of the new recreation site.

   At this signing, students of all ages, faculty, and staff gathered to make their mark on the university. They were able to sign tiles that will be placed inside of the recreation center in the form of a collage.

   The ceremony began with an opening message from Diane DeVestern, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs. President Greg Weisenstein also had a special message for the ceremony where he explained some of the plans for the center, and Student Government Association President Jessica Alicea gave the final message.

   This ceremony recognized the students and staff that have been involved in the planning of the Recreation Center. The Recreation Center has had a 12-year duration of planning, and is scheduled to be ready and opened in the summer of 2012.  

   The new Recreation Center will be approximately 72,575 square feet, and will have many options for students. These options will include a three story rock climbing gym, squash, racquet ball, swimming pool, elevated jogging track, three different courts, hydration center, and much more.

  The Recreation Center will be environmentally friendly; there will be two green roofs, and they will be using recycled items to build certain aspects of the recreation center.

   The Recreation Center has been an idea long awaited, and now the university is making it a reality.

    The signing ceremony gave students the opportunity to become a part of history for the plentiful generations of students to arrive, and the insight of what is yet to come.

     Meghan Nieves is a student at West Chester University She can be reached at

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