Sun. Aug 7th, 2022

Where is West Chester’s sense of dignity? More importantly, where is our sense of respect? In the past few weeks, I have noticed just how badly things have deteriorated around here. First it was people throwing furniture out of residence hall room windows and making the bathrooms absolutly unliveable. Our custodial staff has enough to worry about, and deserve better, than what they are dealing with lately. My RD told me something a couple years ago about living in the Residence Halls that always stuck with me, she said that: “For the time you live here, this is your home. Don’t do anything here that you wouldn’t do in your own mother’s house.” The last time I checked, if people were throwing up all over my mom’s bathroom and chucking her furniture out of her window, she wouldn’t be too happy. Then there’s the situation at Cheney: these people may be our rivals on the football field, but in the real world, they are our neighbors and in many cases, our friends. This is how we show it: by starting awful facebook groups like petty thirteen year-olds. How mature of you West Chester, way to take the high road! Good job with the Vagina Monologous banner too, that’ll show the Women’s Center! Seriously, if the word vagina bothers you so much, next year we’ll call it “Pussyfest 2008” and I’m sure ticket sales will skyrocket! Grow up West Chester, thanks! Kat Spear Fourth-year student

To the Editor:

Yeah, instead of committing a crime against free speech, whoever mutilated the “Vagina Monologues” banner should have exercised his or her own, e.g. in a letter to the Quad. Let’s see if this one makes the grade. Someone needs to do so to enlighten Nicole Fortuna, whose head-scratching dance on Feb. 19 around an elephant in the room gave “Vexilology” a whole new meaning.

Since the advertisement was mounted in or at Sykes, without a doubt it was “approved.” But in the unlikely event that someone ever felt a need to emblazon the building with the equally “precise” term for the male anatomical counterpart, would this proposal be approved? I rather doubt it. Hence to the in-your-face tastelessness of the word itself under the circumstances, we can add a suspicion that a double standard is being rubbed in our noses.

Even a male chauvinist pig might have hoped that the crowning glory of a generation of feminism were something more elevated than an annual ritual with such a disobliging title.

Paul Emmons WCU Faculty

Music Librarian & Associate Prof.

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