Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

Unfortunately, Earth Day is just one of those holidays that many overlook or forget. It is my fear that this year it may be forgotten by even more people than usual. Why you ask? Because it just so happens that this year Earth Day and the Pennsylvania primaries for the presidential election are on the same day, Tuesday, April 22. Instead of overlooking one of these events, let’s look at them as one. Making sure you vote on Earth Day is a huge contribution to the environment, because your vote is going to help decide what those in higher positions do about helping to save our planet. If you only have a few minutes on Earth Day, just while you are walking around, see if there is any trash on the ground and pick it up. Take notice to the trees around you. I know that I am telling you to do something special on this day, but Earth Day is just one day to recognize; we need to be recycling every day, caring for our Mother Earth constantly.

If you are not sure what else you can do all the time to help the environment, here are some more ideas. When you are not in your room, turn off your television and fans and put your computer on hibernate, sleep or just turn it off. In the morning let your hair air dry. Instead of using paper products, use actual dishes and when you wash them, do not let the water run. Try to keep your showers short and turn off the water when you soap up or shave. When you brush your teeth, do not let the water run. These are just a few suggestions, but there are many more, and these things may seem trivial, but in the long run if everyone does some of them, it will make a gigantic difference.

In case you feel like you need to take more action this Earth Day, there are many other things you can do. For example, make some noise and contact those who can make a difference when it comes to legislation. You can call the legislature, Mayor or Council Members. If making a phone call will not satisfy your need to be heard, then get up and move. You can go to the Washington D.C. Mall on April 20 for events, organize your own march to the Capitol, protest against the local coal plant or organize an Earth Day event on your own and make sure you get media there. For more resources, you can visit

One last bit of information you might want to know, not only is Earth Day important, but this year, we will celebrate Earth Day on the exact day it was originally started in 1970. So, as Earth Day approaches, try to remember and appreciate where you live, the ground under your feet and the smell of fresh air outside. If we destroy our Earth now, we can never get her back. Either before or after you vote on April 22, take a minute to love your planet more than ever before.

Rebekah Balmer is a first-year student majoring in secondary English education with a Spanish minor. She can be reached at

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