Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

It is human nature for Earthlings to find reasons or justifications to stand at all odds against each other. We see it each season at West Chester University when the Cheyney Wolves invade Hollinger Field House or when Repent America visits with fire and brimstone. When the Olympics were modernized and reintroduced to the world in 1896, warring, poor and developing countries competed with each other for world dominance. Every few years, men and women laid down their petty squabbles to challenge each other. However the case, those involved came together for peace.

During the Cold War, the United States and the former Soviet Union, outside 1980, gathered behind their teams and athletes, settled their fears and were able to wage a peaceful competition.

Now protestors, politicians and athletes are shaking the Olympic fire that has already been marred with kidnapping, steroids and war. Today, a new group of protestors is calling for a boycott of the Olympic games in Beijing, China.

Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton discussed China’s stance toward Tibet and said in a statement, “I believe President Bush should not plan on attending the opening ceremonies in Beijing, absent major changes by the Chinese government.” Her challenger, Barack Obama said, “I’m hesitant to make the Olympics a site of political protest because I think it’s partly about bringing the world together.”

So far, many areas of the world have met the Olympic Torch with protests. Recently in London and Paris, protestors attempted to snuff out the sacred icon.

In San Francisco, the Torch’s only U.S. stop, a “secret route” was enacted to avoid violent protests that surrounded the Torch in earlier days.

Amid concerns of violence, one runner, 14, decided not to run one leg of the relay, according to a San Francisco television station.

The “secret route” was a success in regards to keeping the individuals safe, but the route prevented certain individuals from seeing the symbol of hope in its only U.S. destination.

Because of protest, children, athletes, veterans and other Americans could not support their country or celebrate the Olympics because of a few bad apples.

Amercians’ Olympic heritage has been excused for the 2008 Summer Olympics.

The fact that this happened is a travesty to not only Americans, but to all people of the world who are proud of their culture.

The overall negativity surrounding the Olympics and the Torch has extinguished the Olympic spirit.

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