Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Tomorrow marks a day that is more important than we may understand. It’s not about who has the best platforms or who has the more caustic zingers, but it’s about who we know will be the best leader. It is safe to say that the true topic which propels this election is quality of leadership that can make or break this country. Furthermore, the University has seen its fair share of leadership, but for us as community members, it is crucial to understand what exactly we do when we make that decision tomorrow.Sen. Barack Obama has the unfortunate obligation of being dubbed inexperienced. We have to ask ourselves if this is how we would like to identify Obama. It was very evident on March 26 during “Hardball” with Chris Matthews that there are strong supporters of this man, but more importantly, do you agree with his messages because he just wants to change it? Be careful when assessing rhetoric and promises. These items can be deceiving.

On the other hand, Sen. Hillary Clinton is branded with having too much luggage in which she recently stated that has been “rummaged through for years.” This has produced a palpable layer over her campaign motives that may inhibit a realistic and legitimate result on Tuesday.

What exactly do we base our opinions on? Is it the voices of the majority, is it a false ambition for change, or is it because we know the individual in question-even if we cannot personally align ourselves with him or her-will do the best job? With that said, how many of us can actually say that we choose a leader based upon merit?

It is in these times that we have to observe and analyze. What exactly would be the ramifications of electing someone based upon our superficial liking for that person? Think long-term. Get both sides of the story. Don’t act in haste.

Later this spring, the presidential search committee will resume its activities in choosing the next president of West Chester University. It would be an understatement to say that the committee will have to work hard to find someone who can measure up to the record of undertakings that our current president, Madeleine Wing Adler, has so successfully completed. In doing so, she has raised this University to incomparable and unprecedented levels. Therefore, the eventual selection will be based upon how well the potential president can respond to situations, raise funds, increase cultural atmosphere on campus and several more. It would be ridiculous to make a selection based upon whether the committee can see themselves going out to drinks with that person or choose him or her under the assumption that that particular president will not interfere too much in the University’s affairs. As absurd as that seems, this unfortunately occurs. Of course, the selection of the next president, as any professional and respectable selection of leadership is made, will be determined based upon merit, history, experience and lastly, dedication.

So tomorrow, when you go to vote, don’t vote for one person because you have a strong antipathy for the other. Vote because you believe that candidate will effectively get the job done. Examine their accomplishments; who is more qualified? Who will lead this country in the best way possible?

Leadership is more than just talk. Often, it is taking responsibility when no one else can or more importantly will. Leaders are not people pleasers; if you want to be led, be prepared for constructive change that may require you yourself to change. But also, Make certain that whomever you choose can be held accountable for all of the country’s activities, and lastly, for anything else that may or may not be expected. All in all, leadership is not a walk in the park, and there is not a manual, but there is the understanding that when a decision is placed in people’s hands, they may choose the right one and often the wrong. It’s your country after all-think before you act.

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