Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

After another semester passes with memories and new experiences, West Chester University has a different look than it ever has Now, construction sites dot the middle of campus, hoping to erect a bright future for students and faculty through the twenty-first century. For the first time since most can remember, a construction project is set to be completed on schedule. Allegheny and Brandywine Halls may look distracting now, but if all goes as planned students can expect and enjoy a higher quality of living in 2009. 25 University Avenue will eventually remove the eyesore that is Old Swope Hall.

Despite aspects that are slowing down the Rec. Center, construction on campus has improved since the crawl of SOMPAC and the Lawrence Hall Diner.

Students who waited for the SOMPAC building across a period of seven years will not have to wait as long for these ongoing projects.

‘Green’ technology is being utilized on West Chester’s campus, and faculty and students alike are incredibly proud of the healthy environmental future. Yet, still, there is a waste factor on campus that has not been addressed.

It was reported to The Quad that a waste of water has been going on for at least a month and a half outside of a campus residence hall.

The source claimed that water has been coming out of a spout flanking the main entrance of Killinger Hall for at least a month and a half, and other residents confirm rumors that it has been running for three months.

When The Quad measured the flow rate, it was recorded at a rate of 17 fluid ounces every seven seconds. That correlates to a rate of approximately 68 gallons an hour or, over the 45 days estimated by the student and other witnesses, over 73,000 gallons of water. If these specultions are true, the amount of water increases two-fold.

According to the source, men who are employed by the University used the water spigot to clean machinery and vehicles. After the spigot started leaking water, it was not fixed because the source could not be located.

The student was told to make requests to Public Safety repeatedly by a building official, but as of last week it was still not fixed.

Whether or not a party is to blame for the water waste, it needs to be cleaned up right away. It is happening and needs to be fixed, whether students notice it or not.

These acts are disappointing because the waste of water is drowning everything the University has heard about ‘Green Technology’ this year.

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