Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

One of the most school-spirited days in the fall semester begins with a parade and ends with crowning a King and Queen.

The events of homecoming bring a high attendance to the football game. The number of student athletes on the field, cheerleaders, marching band and color guard members alone makes up a huge population of our university. Both the home and away stands were full, with an overflow of viewers sitting on the field and standing along the gates to watch the game and activities.

The crowd at Farrell Stadium cheered as announcements for homecoming King and Queen winners took the spotlight. Special thanks to Student Activities Council and their advisor, Barrett McGee, for putting together the nomination sheet. Along with a photograph, McGee had each nominee list his or her favorite quote.

The school spirit continued with cheering and barbeques during the day. By night time, I found myself ‘people-watching’ with friends.  I recommend doing it next year. During homecoming night, I found this entertaining: just watching. After awhile, I realized loud screaming replaced the cheering from earlier. Our neighbors have complained about the noise levels.

I also took notice, not only to the volume that residents deal with, but also the amount of trash. Most of the trash remained on porches after residents and guests went indoors. Those lingering outside, unfazed by the chilling weather, didn’t observe the building up trash as it surrounded them.  The trash on the ground, the trash under my feet on the sidewalks, couldn’t mistakenly have been discarded, but it lay on the ground like a leaf fallen from a nearby tree.

Students claim this is a college town. The catch phrase does not excuse trash on the ground.  I’m glad to hear Greek life organized adopt-a-block the Sunday morning after homecoming. The catch phrase should encourage students, alumni, neighbors and locals to see events like homecoming. Such an event speaks volumes of your college, your school involvements and yourself as an individual.

~ Ginger Rae

Quad Editor-in-Chief

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