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Rent at the West Chester Commons will increase from $10 to $30 for the 2005-06 year. The most recent increase was a downgrade from the initial increase notice that tenants received last fall. The once $20 to $100 increase was cut significantly. Tenants of one-bedroom apartments will experience the greatest increase of 4.3 percent. The rent adjusts from $695 to $725.The rent in two-bedroom apartments increases from $645 to $660 per tenant. This is about a 2.4 percent increase. Three-bedrooms increase from $595 to $605 or $615 per tenant, depending on the room style. Finally, the rent in the four-bedrooms will increase from $575 to $585 or $595 per tenant, depending on the style. The rent in the three and fourbedroom apartments increases 1.7 to 3.4 percent per tenant, depending on the style.

The rent increase based on style relieves some tenants. Laura Desantis, a sophomore living in a four-bedroom three-bath apartment is frustrated that she pays the same amount of money as those who live in a four-bedroom four-bath apartment.

“It isn?t fair to me and my roommates. We are paying just as much as they are and they have the bigger apartment.”

The new rent increase doesn?t cover all of the aspects. A four-bedroom two-bath apartment and a four-bedroom three-bath apartment still pay $585 per tenant next year. The four-bedroom four-bath apartments experience the $595 per tenant rent.Casey McKinney, a resident of a three-bedroom apartment, feels the increase is unfair. “I think it?s a lot. I already think we pay a good amount.”

She is not alone. Desantis and her roommates spent some time looking for a house in the borough, partly due to the increase.Several students residing in the Commons pay the rent with their personal finances and find the increase annoying. Ten dollars seems small, but it?s $120 over the course of the year.

The money tenants have spent so far has made its way into improvements in the complex. Within the last couple months a large flatscreen television was placed in the common area, a basketball court was built, padlocks were installed into the tenant?s doors, the computer room was built and vending machines were installed.

Tenants hope that the projected prices for the 2005-06 year do not rise any more. While the bottom of the rate pricing sheet it is printed “INFORMATION MAY BE ADJUSTED WITHOUT NOTICE.”

Representatives from the Commons did not comment as to why the increase is being made.

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