Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

Freddie MitchellAs with any other season in Philadelphia sports, the city seemed to be in a state of discomfort and paranoia over the last few weeks. The NFL playoffs had begun, and that meant it was time for Eagles fans to get started on developing different pessimistic theories on what will be our inevitable demise.

With Terrell Owens out with injury, the easiest place to start the attacking was on the receiving core. With it historically being our falling point, as well as Todd Pinkston?s recent struggle with alligator arms, being less than confi dent in that particular group isn?t hard if you?re an Eagles fan.

It was well known that in order for the team to get by Minnesota, one of the receivers was going to have to shine last Sunday. Fortunately for Eagles fans, that bright light came by the name of Freddie Mitchell.

Although more commonly known for his locker room comedy than his on the fi eld play, Mitchell?s performance was nothing short of magnifi cent. He had five catches for 65 yards, one touchdown reception, an admirably aware fumble recovery score, and was inches away from a third end zone visit. However, success this time of year is nothing new to Freddie. It was in this same playoff round last year against the Packers that he was on the receiving end of the magical “4th & 26” play.

In addition to his fine performance, Mitchell also provided us with a few laughs by performing a Randy Moss mock celebration and subjecting us to hilarious postgame comments and flashy attire.

For stepping up when desperately needed, helping to keep our Super Bowl hopes alive, and proving once again that bow-ties are in fact stunningly handsome — Freddie Mitchell, you are the Hero of the Week.

Peyton Manning

“Let?s go insurance adjusters, let?s go!” It seems after last week?s 20-3 playoff loss, Peyton Manning will have plenty of time to star in more hilarious commercials in the off season.

Even after throwing a record breaking 49 touchdown passes this season, as well as earning league MVP honors for the second year in a row, Manning was again picked apart and swallowed by Bill Belichick and the New England defense.

Peyton threw no TD passes, had one interception, and earned a passer rating of only 69.3, nearly 45 points below his regular season average.

To doubt his football intelligence or his polished technical QB mechanicsis foolish.

However, I can?t help but wonder if Peyton Manning will ever be as legendary as some already make him out to be. Whether you agree or disagree, great football players and coaches alike are determined by the amount of rings on their fingers.

After ending his seventh season in the NFL, Manning has zero rings, zero Super Bowl visits, and a playoff record of 3-5. I am curious to see how his reputation of excellence will be affected if this pattern continues over the next few years.

The most remembered athletes are the ones who step up when everything is on the line, whereas Manning repeatedly seems to stumble and fall.

For once again failing to get by the Patriots, making your record setting season look a little less meaningful, and continuing to decline your invitations into the historic halls of the NFL elite — Peyton Manning, you are the Zero of the Week. But I really do enjoy your commercials!

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