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The 2005 Miss West Chester University Pageant will be held on Jan. 29 at 7:30 p.m. in Emilie K. Asplundh Concert Hall. Sixteen young woman compete for this yearʼs crown.Miss WCU is a community service pageant in which contestants compete in evening wear, interview, talent and casual wear. It originated in 1999 in the basement of Killinger Hall as a resident hall activity and today it has become a campus-wide event with over 1000 people in attendance. The event focuses on service to our community and celebrating school spirit and pride.

All 16 contestants, as well as Liz Seymour, the reigning Miss West Chester, met in the Sykes ballrooms on Friday, Jan. 21 to learn their dance routine. Chris Perez and Michael Hartman led the girls in a very well-choreographed routine to the hit song “On Broadway.” The girls, who will all be wearing “I Love NY” tee-shirts, will perform this dance for the crown next Saturday night. Each and every one of the contestants has a platform about which they are very passionate.

One of the contestants, Sara Morgan, is in her third semester and is a survivor of anorexia. If crowned, Sara hopes to increase the awareness and prevention of eating disorders.

Another contestant, Melody Piece, is very concerned with the removal of music education in the public school system. She has chosen the VH1 Program “Save the Music” as her platform.

A few of the other platforms chosen by the girls include Meredith Witman ʼs “Healing the Children,” Alison Balestraʼs “Breast Cancer Foundation,” and Tiffany Boyleʼs “Animal Adoptions.” All of the conestants seem very excited to be competing for the crown

There will be an off stage interview, talen/free expression competition, evening wear, casual wear and on stage question interview. There will be an opening choregraphed number for all contestants as well as a performance called “Cell Block Tango” that will feature past winners of Miss WCU. Come and show support for the future Miss West Chester University this Saturday night, $5.00 will be charged for general admission, and $3.00 for those witha WCU ID and kids. Other information can be found at

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