Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

Major Nashville recording artists Blue County came to Asplundh Concert Hall on Jan. 21. At first, many students wondered why SAC invited a country band, but those who came to see them were treated to a wonderful show full of good music, dancing and laughs. The show opened with singer/ songwriter Bari Koral who sounded like a cross between Jewel and Alanis Morrisette. All of her songs were about lost love and how to survive. While Koral had a wonderful voice, she lacked stage presence. The only time she talked to the audience was to give background on her songs or to tell them that it was “National Hug Day” so audience members should hug the person next to them.

Koral played for about 45 minutes, and although the crowd got into it, I was put off by the comment she made about her songs being inspiring. She said, “Whenever I am told one of my songs changed someoneʼs life…I think why? Itʼs just a song.” However, despite these negatives Koralʼs folksy sound was the perfect lead-in to the alternative, happy country music.

Blue County, which consists of best friends Aaron and Scott, showed the audience a good time. With both singers wearing tight Wrangler jeans and cowboy hats, their introduction had girls swooning. After the second song, a rather loud audience member ran up to the stage and began to dance. The band responded well and other dancers followed. By dancing in front of the stage, audience members turned the concert into a more intimate affair. Unlike Koral, Blue County had an amazing stage presence, not only dancing with one another but interacting with the fans.

Throughout the concert they recognized that Eagles fans were in the audience, and wore Eagles Tshirts during their encore. Scott and Aaron play themselves off as normal guys but actions such as wiping their sweat on towels and throwing them into the audience send the message that they feel very comfortable in their roles as sexy cowboys.

The band played all their major hits, which can be heard on 92.5FM WXTU. They ended their main set with the smash hit “Pretty Little Girls” and had even the guys in the audience yelling: “Do you think pretty little girls make some wild women? Are West Chester girls wild women?” This interaction allowed even non-country fans to enjoy the show.

After performing for about an hour and a half, the band exited the stage only to return for a five song encore. They showed their versatility, moving the audience almost to tears with a rendition of an old gospel song. Then they brought the audience together, by leading them in singing “God Bless America.”

The band did not stop there, though in showing students of West Chester that some music stars are down to earth. After the show Scott and Aaron sat for nearly three hours signing autographs, taking pictures, and talking to the people they say “make this job completely worth it.”

The band is up for two CMA awards this year, including the coveted Duo Award which in past years Brooks and Dunn has walked away with. The fame has not gone to Blue Countyʼs heads and that was very visible while they were on stage.

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