Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

As the smoke begins to clear in the battle for the NFC, a surprising team is not only left standing, but looking healthy heading into the final playoff picture. The Dallas Cowboys were left for dead a little less than midway through the season, but have clawed back with the second best record in the NFC, only trailing the quick-starting Chicago Bears. After a horrid loss to the New York Giants, the Cowboys were facing a disappointing record of 3-3. Something desperate needed to be done to turn the Cowboys’ season around. Much maligned quarterback Drew Bledsoe was permanently replaced by back up quarterback Tony Romo, who was chosen by Dallas fans to be their great savior. So far, Romo has not disappointed.

Going 4-1 in his next five games, Romo has almost reached legendary status in the big D by single handedly bringing the Cowboys’ season back to life. He has started off strong by throwing 10 touchdowns, but more importantly only two interceptions in five games. His recent success makes him one of the hottest quarterbacks in the league and has made the Cowboys a force to recon with.

Before Tony Romo’s name is pasted on a banner and placed in the ring of honor next to Troy Aikman, the Cowboys’ upward swing may not be a total result of Romo’s play, but more so of Cowboys coach Bill Parcells.

Parcells has won two Super Bowls with the New York Giants, and was defeated in one with the New England Patriots. Each of his three visits to the Super Bowl were with his fourth season with the team. Parcells started with the Giants in 1983 and he won the championship in 1986 and 1990. When he started in 93′ with the Patriots, he achieved the Super Bowl in 1996. This may seem like pure statistical coincidence, but this being Parcells’ fourth season with the Cowboys, things are looking eerily up for his team in the weak NFC.

What makes the Cowboys’ upswing appear even more a result of Parcells is his second half of the season career record. In his 15 coaching seasons prior to being in Dallas, Parcells is 51-21 in the final five games of the season. This shows the overwhelming success Parcells has down the stretch, which could be a result of the mental toughness he demands from his players.

Despite Parcells’ successful past, and Tony Romo’s new found stardom, the Dallas Cowboys are still far from a great team. Yet with a feeble NFC, and the inconsistent play of the so-called “playoff” teams, any steady, well-coached team can make a serious run for the Super Bowl. And the Dallas Cowboys are doing just that.

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