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“Catch and Release” hit theaters on Friday, Jan. 26. Jennifer Garner stars in the romantic comedy-drama by Columbia Pictures. Written by Susannah Grant (Erin Brockovich), “Catch and Release,” throws audiences for some loops. When Gray Wheeler’s (Gardner) fianc) dies suddenly, her world is turned upside down. The wedding was approaching as invitations still sat on her table and flowers were being delivered to their new home. At his funeral, she hides in the bathtub to escape all of the other mourners and grieves alone. She was interrupted by a rather indecent incident performed by one of her fiancs closest friends and a caterer. This sets the audience up to meet Fritz (Timothy Olyphant), the rambunctious, single friend of Grady-the fianc.

Gray can’t afford the place she and her fiance were to share with her income. She has no choice but to move into his old room in the house he previously shared with two of his closest friends, Sam and Dennis. While asleep in Grady’s room, a phone rings. Thinking it was Fritz’s she gets up and tries to give it to him but he claims it isn’t his. Then he chases after her to get the phone, but it’s too late and she has already figured out it was Grady’s. The screen on the phone shows ten missed calls.

Gray takes on the role of executor of Grady’s estate. She comes to find out that Grady is really rich and that he’s been sending $3000 every month to an unknown recipient. She realizes that the man who was to be her husband has more than a few secrets. She also knows that Fritz was the only person her fianc felt like he could be himself around, so she goes to him for some answers.

The two find themselves falling for each other, but they feel like they have to keep it secret out of respect for Grady and his other friends.

There are many surprises in “Catch and Release,” such as the unexpected arrival of an attractive woman and her four year-old son, an unusual request from Grady’s mother, and a loving confession from a close friend. The movie also contains many quirky characters. At the forefront of these is Sam, one of Grady’s roommates, played by Kevin Smith. Several random events make “Catch and Release” comical. Even though the audience can expect a few laughs, they should also be prepared for a tear or two.

“Catch and Release” is the perfect movie for Jennifer Garner fans. For those who are not, it can still be rated a solid eight. The ladies will love it. The guys? Well that’s up in the air.

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