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Tuesday, Jan. 23 was a night for political history. Not only did Americans witness President George W. Bush’s “State of the Union Address,” outlining his plans for Iraq, but at West Chester University, for the first time, the student body, administration and guests witnessed the “State of the University Address,” delivered by Student Government Association (SGA) President Kyle Mullins. Although some Americans may be waiting for this in regards to the former event, Mullins said that WCU is enduring an “age of change.” What is particularly notable about Mullins’ delivery is that one of his main themes, “unity,” was set into place before the actual speech was given in that he approached and welcomed audience members. According to Mullins, there would be an effort to revive the unity of the University so that members of the WCU community could “leave comfort zones at the door.”

According to Mullins, this is already in progress. SGA is aiding the safety of the students by “increasing awareness on these issues,” and in response to last semester’s attacks on campus, an SGA safety task force and committee is additionally upholding public safety.

“We have not been shy in expressing a demand for a safer campus and safer streets,” Mullins said.

Nevertheless, how this pertains to the students’ participation is that they will comply with the suggestions conveyed by WCU.

“Hopefully we are traveling in large groups and not alone in dark alleys anymore,” Mullins said.

Furthermore, the number of attacks has decreased.

Another factor that contributed to unity is the fact that during Constitution week, 300 people were registered to vote in the WCU community.

In addition, another noteworthy event regards the fact the SGA, for the first time, is “filled to its capacity,” according to Mullins.

According to the president of West Chester University, Dr. Madeline Wing Adler, Mullins’ deliveries are consistently inclusive.

“[Kyle recognizes that] it’s not all about him,” President Adler said.

Including the physical safety of the students, Mullins said that “a safe haven” would be insured for those students and faculty members who are questioning their sexualities and seeking information on sexual orientations.

Mullins capitalized on another aspect in his delivery-the idea of service. He re-capped on what several organizations such as the Greek communities’ various works of service have done in the past year and semester. Nevertheless, this set the table for Mullins “big” service idea: “The Big Event.” This state-wide day, which was proposed with other State University student government presidents, will not only be a time for an entire student congregation to participate together, but it is an implicit way of telling those who have supported the West Chester University community, “thank you.”

“The Big event is not about the number of jobs completed, or the number of students participating here.” Mullins said. “Rather, it is the interactions with the residents and the result of unity in the community that makes the big event so big.”

Mullins further said he can count on the support of the WCU student body.

Although Mullins outlined several topics in his speech, he ultimately pressed the ideas of progress and change. The notion of change was emphasized in his delivery through his aphoristic language.

“We cannot change the past; however, we can change the present and the future,” Mullins said.

President Adler said she is very proud of Mullins’ “passion, sincerity and commitment.”

According to Vice President for Advancement Mark G. Pavlovich, he said that Mullins successfully highlighted the activity and progress of service.

All in all, Mullins intends that the students “come ready to learn,” and “leave here willing to succeed,” and that “there are no strangers here, just friends that haven’t met.

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