Sat. May 25th, 2024

To the Editor:
Why does the school force on-campus students to buy expensive meal plans, when it seems like we do not get what we pay for? The idea that Ram’s Head closes at 10 p.m. and that hot food is not being made past 8 p.m. is a joke. Does the school think that students can survive on just muffins, cereals or other snack bars that are the only things left late at night? The new additions to the school dining services are subpar as well. The Diner often does not serve one type of food or is extremely busy. The last of these problems stems from the lack of dining services on campus. The new Side-Cafe is lacking the wraps and other finger foods that were so good that we now have to overpay for at the Diner. I have heard that the school just signed a 20 year contract with Aramark. If this is true, I feel bad for all current students and all students that attend this school in the next two decades.
Mike Zuino Second-year studentTo the Editor:
I heard that you may do a story on the horrific food service here at WCU. I hope so. And beyond that, I hope the students concerns will reach Dr. Adler. I have experienced a roach nearly running across my foot in Lawrence. Today, I was served raw bacon on my sandwich at Rams Head in Sykes. Please do a story on the food service. And if possible send your article to somebody who can make a difference, not just a manager. Thank you. Tameka Watson
Third-year student

To the Editor:
The Op-Ed piece on Jan. 29 (Restaurant Bans: An Impediment to Free Enterprise) shows a lack of understanding of basic economic principles. In it, the author attempts to show that a smoking ban is somehow an infringes on the rights of those who smoke and the owners of the establishments. While she is right in saying that people have the rights to regulate their own health, she fails to see the externalities caused by smoking affect others who don’t always have a choice on whether or not to inhale the smoke.
These directly affect other people in immediate and long term ways, especially those of us with allergies and asthma. This is the same reason the government regulates and controls pollution from other businesses. Businesses do need incentives to protect the health of others, not just the invisible hand of the free market. According to her theory, I should be allowed to dump toxic chemicals down the drain because everyone makes a choice to drink that water.
People do not own the air around them, they own their bodies; I know of no one who opposes smoking because it hurts smokers, rather they care about its impact on others. She attempts to liken smoking to driving a car; she fails to mention that driving a car is in fact regulated by the government for the benefit of the masses. We have rules in place to make sure those who drive cars don’t cause problems for others. We don’t let people drive cars on the sidewalks; why would we let other peoples smoke enter our lungs, even in passing? Even smoke free sections of restaurants are often full of billowing smoke.
I agree that people have a right to hurt their own bodies as much as they want. The main issue here is who has the right to affect someone else’s health. The answer is no one.
Kevin Ivey Second-year student

To the Editor:
Time magazine says Barack Obama is “too black.” In response to Obama’s father being Muslim, Fox News contributor Juan Williams said “given that we’re at war with Muslim extremists, that presents a problem.” Fox News reported that Obama attended a madrassah, an Islamic religious school, as a child. Obama has denied this and says he is a devout Christian. Current president Bush has been quoted saying Obama has “got a long way to go to be president.”
I dont understand why Barack Obama is gettting all this negative attention. Of the eight people currently vying for the Democratic nomination, Obama is number one in my mind. Unfortunately, the authors of the majority of articles I read about him seem to be racist or have a problem with his father’s Muslim heritage. Every article points out that he is black and that everyone in his family may not be Christian. Last time I checked, neither of these were important when it came to running for president. Someone ought to write an article about Obama’s plans or ambitions, or talk about how he is currently doing as senator, considering that is what we need to know. I have also read several articles that claim Obama does not have enough political experience to make a good president. However, he has been a senator for seven years and graduated from Harvard Law School. He is obviously very bright, determined and hard working. You don’t need to be involved in politics for 30 years to know how the country functions and what needs to be done. And it doesn’t matter if he is yellow or green, Jewish or Hindu. He clearly would do a better job as president than Bush and that is all that matters. Shannyn McCauley First-year student

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