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Colorful fruits, impressively large vegetables, crafts, and an abundance of other goodies can be found at East Goshen’s Farmers Market. The local fair is held every Thursday afternoon at the East Goshen Park located on Paoli Pike.

The event equips West Chester residents with the quaint experience of a farmer’s market without the hassle associated with parking in the borough. If readers have frequented the Saturday farmers market on Chestnut Street, they would greatly appreciate this alternative.

This past Thursday, an array of vendors presented themselves with various tents or mobile vehicles like the lunch trucks one might see on Church Street. The first stand toted bright, beautiful fruits and vegetables, all of which were extremely high quality, low price, and grown with as little pesticide and herbicide methods as possible. From cute ornamental pumpkins to “magnum-sized’ cucumbers-this place had it all.

There was also a tent that had brewing coffee down to a science. Golden Family Farms Coffee Roasters is a family-owned and -operated business in West Chester. Their representation at the East Goshen Farmers’ Market is a must for various reasons. These coffee experts artisan-roast their own coffees locally in West Chester, practice fair trade, have bird friendly harvesting techniques, and are certified organic. The sample was a fulfilling house roast that tickles the olfactory and taste senses. Now that’s a cup of joe.

St. Peters Bakery of St. Peters, Pa. was another food vendor present Thursday. Their presence was equally vital because of the amazing products they hand-make themselves. After sampling the almond croissant, words cannot do it justice. Soft, fluffy, flaky layers of the croissant are scattered with almonds. A truly comforting but light breakfast sweet. In addition, St. Peters Bakery had an assortment of fresh baguettes from whole wheat to traditional French style. Their breads, desserts, and pastries are all made from scratch from unbleached flour.

The craft scene at the East Goshen Farmers’ Market held some unique qualities. Ellen April Soaps presents a selection of hand-made aromatic soaps. This Downingtown-based company is owned and operated by Ellen April herself. Her product is hand-crafted luxury soap. Once thing is for sure: this is not just any soap. She uses high quality ingredients with vegetable oils in the old traditional cold process technique. April’s intriguing soaps will be present every week at this market.

Lastly, let us discuss desserts. The desserts at East Goshen Farmers’ Market are absolutely incredible. Readers with a sweet tooth should save this for last in their carousing around the stands.

John and Kira’s Chocolates, a Philadelphia-based chocolate company, dished out some free samples. Their stand gave out decorative sugar-covered fruit snacks that were not particularly exciting. However, the chocolates were exquisite. The caramel filled “chocolate bees”(decorated as bees, not actual bees) were creamy, caramelly, and comforting. Additionally, these chocolatiers do flat rate delivery for $7.95 any amount to any address in the US-now that’s chocolate service.
This farmers market possesses flare in so many ways, but a celebrity retailer was present. If anyone watches the Food Network, there are only two words: Cupcake Wars. That’s right; winner of the Cupcake Wars TV show, Dia Doce, was present last Thursday. Well established among the vendors, Dia Doce had their “cupcake truck” to distribute at the event. Creative varieties of cupcakes cluttered their showcase on the side of the truck. Blueberry with a sweet vanilla frosting on top was particularly delicious, but they provided quite a variety. Each and every gourmet cupcake is made from scratch, and can be gluten-free, vegetarian, or vegan.

The East Goshen Farmers Market is held every Thursday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Readers should certainly give this local experience a try, not only because of the emphasis on locality, but simply because of quality. Readers should at least give the website a look, and perhaps someone could set up their own stand to contribute to the farmers market fun in East Goshen. Readers can access the website at

Nicholas Devoe is a fifth-year student majoring in English with a minor in journalism. He can be reached at

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