Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

Hello West Chester!

Working with WCU’s President Weisenstein and our Facilities Division over the past few months, Student Government has been able to bring about two important changes to West Chester’s campus.

First, during the Spring Semester, there will be a new sidewalk and lighting system installed along the back drive connecting the parking lot behind Sykes to the parking lot behind the tennis courts. Our administration agreed that this is a vital improvement for the safety of our students.

Second, over the summer, the student section in Farrell Stadium will be dramatically improved in a colorful display of Golden Ram spirit! The back wall of the student section is going to be painted purple with our Ram logo painted periodically across it.

My team and I have been very thankful to President Weisenstein and his cabinet for all of their support over the past nine months. These are but two examples of the action-oriented administration that West Chester is blessed to have.

This Friday night, Sykes After Dark is sponsoring with the Black Student Union the comedian group Deon Cole & Guests from 9 p.m. until 1 a.m. In addition, a huge Dance Dance Revolution layout, free photo flashlight key-chains, Xbox360 and Wii gaming (including Rock Band), and karaoke will be going on throughout Sykes. The large raffle prize this week is a Playstation 3 and there will great food at midnight. As always, everything is completely free. Come out for a great time this Friday night!

WCU’s 24th Annual Leadership Experience has been rescheduled to this Friday night with the theme Mission I’m Possible: Detecting the Secrets of Leadership. The program begins at 4 p.m., lasting to 9 p.m. with several breakout sessions and dinner – all provided free by State Farm. Signup forms can picked up in Sykes 218 – the leadership office – and are due back by this Wednesday. SAC is premiering “Brothers” in the Sykes Theater this Thursday through Sunday. The movie is free of charge on Friday night at midnight if you attend the Sykes After Dark programming. All other times, only $2 with WCU student ID.

Congratulations to all of the men and women who joined the Greek system over the past few weeks of recruitment! You made a life-changing choice that will positively impact you for many years to come!

Have a great week! And remember to smile and say hi to your fellow WCU students!!

Anthony DiJiacomo, President

Student Government Association

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