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Zach Catalano is a junior at West Chester University, currently serving as the Program Director, as well as a DJ, for West Chester University Radio. Catalano is a history major, but plans to join the Marines in the near future to fulfill a childhood dream.

He’s been a part of the radio station all three years of his schooling, and joined due to his passion for music.

Catalano expresses a lot of enthusiasm for music and hopes to use the skills from WCUR to be involved with music promotion or managing a band.

He has a lot of determination to pursue this goal and states that he “wants to impose my will on music.”

As a DJ and program director, Catalano is well-versed on the training that each DJ has to go through and what it’s like to be one.

Each aspiring WCUR DJ must go through a six-week training and testing session. Catalano describes the training as not being rigorous, but very informational.

Each week the applicant has to come in and learn about all of the equipment, ranging from the soundboard to proper use and content of public service announcements (PSAs).

Also during the training sessions, each DJ is informed of the rules for “on air” time, such as language and the requirements for music.

DJs are allowed to play any music they want, but a requirement is implemented where a minimum of 10 new songs must be played from the station’s library.

The purpose of this requirement is to allow for new music to be heard and to also have the playlists stay fresh and new. While he hasn’t had an issue yet, Catalano stresses the importance of keeping the airwaves clean.

As Program Director, Catalano keeps everything organized, a task easier said then done.

“I’m the enforcer,” he jokes.

Catalano creates the schedules for the other DJs, letting them know when each has their air time. He also makes sure that the DJs are at their shows on time, as well as attending all required meetings.

Finally, Zach manages various sub-committees, such as the athletics department that broadcasts the basketball games. He is a key figure in training each of the DJs and takes a hands-on approach by testing the DJs himself.

Catalano expresses concern with upcoming student involvement. While happy with how the station runs, Catalano talked about the importance of having students join and get involved with the radio station.

“I just don’t think people really know WCUR and what we’re all about. I’d love for more people to come,” he said. To combat this, the station is hosting an event in April that will bring in bands to play in order to raise money for charity.

Phil Bieg is a student at West Chester University. He can be reached at PB669872@wcupa.edu.

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