Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

The Student Government Association focused on possibly adjusting both their bylaws and meeting schedule at their second session of the term this past Tuesday night.In his first meeting since being elected Parliamentarian, Brad Moyer presented three changes to the SGA bylaws, centering on Senator and officer removal. The changes had been worked on by Paul Tamke, the previous Parliamentarian.

“We wanted to be more restrictive,” SGA President Anthony DiJiacomo said of an alteration focusing on reduced senator absences.

The reason for the changes was to “clarify” several existing bylaws according to Moyer. The senate eventually voted to table all three proposals after several senators where confused by errors in the typed versions which were handed out.

Later on in the meeting, Vice President Lauren Prudenti laid out a plan to overhaul SGA’s current meeting schedule which consists of a senate meeting on Tuesday in addition to individual committee meetings which are held separately throughout the week.

“We want to make sure that we’re doing things in the most efficient way possible and not wasting your time,” Prudenti told the senate.

The new schedule calls for senate meetings to be held every other week with committee meetings held on the off weeks. Prudenti pointed out that the new meeting schedule was based off of similar schedule used by Slippery Rock, Millersville and Mansfield.

“I brought this up in order to save time,” she said of the proposal, which was not voted on, but merely discussed to “gauge interest,” as Prudenti noted.

Senator of the Month

Len Altieri, the Senator for Academic Affairs was named the “Senator of the Month” for both December and January. DiJiacomo praised Altieri for his “commitment to make a difference for SGA.” Later on in the evening, Altieri announced his candidacy for SGA President next term as part of a ticket called “The Main Event.”

Election Updates

Mark Jackson was elected to the Special Assignment position on the University Safety committee. As a result of his win, Jackson vacated his previously held role as Senator representing West Goshen Township. His former seat was not immediately filled, ending SGA’s one week run with a full senate.

Election Updates part two

“I was absolutely thrilled to be chosen as Senator of Off Campus Housing,” said Ben Secka who was elected during SGA’s first meeting of the term.

“The SGA looks like a really tight-knit group and the communication skills between the committees are astounding. I am going to be making a 110% effort to help the students of West Chester University with off-campus housing. I really look forward to hearing the ideas of the student body as well as applying many ideas of my own and doing everything in my power to get the job done to the best of my ability.”

Colin McGlinchey is a fifth-year student majoring in English with a minor in journalism. He can be reached at

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