Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

To say the last semester of my senior year went by in the blink of an eye is an understatement. I took on a normal class load with the addition of a 3-credit internship because I received word from a few professors in my department about an opportunity to intern with the Mayor of West Chester. I knew I wanted this internship as soon as I found out about it. Previously, Mayor Comitta took on Political Science majors, but this semester she chose a different route and was looking for some background in communication studies as well. This was perfect.

When I found out I got the internship, I met with the Mayor and her other interns before the semester began. We received our checklist of duties and just like that we were off, full steam ahead. My responsibility was to assist with the launch of the campus- and community-wide Public, Educational, and Government Channel. Not only did I have the chance to make an impact with this project, but I got to be the communicator between our university and the Borough of West Chester. I got the chance to update the community at various Borough Council meetings while also interacting with new people each week. As an intern to the Mayor, I was able to represent her at any event or meeting she was unable to attend. My fellow interns and I even had the opportunity to plan our own event: a Black History Month Celebration, recognizing residents, faculty, students, and members of the University and community.

One thing I learned throughout this entire experience is that the future and life after college is going to open many doors. I will be meeting people who are going to have differing ideas, opinions, and beliefs, but it is my role to carry out both my career and my life in a professional manner. There are going to be setbacks, but I need to recognize them and move on. My internship gave me a chance to see all kinds of people, from our university as well as our community, work together to make West Chester the best town it can possibly be.

Now it is my turn to give some helpful advice on how to achieve an internship with the Mayor. First, make the most out of your college career — whether it is in an organization of your choice, or dedicating your time and energy into your major, give it your all. Second, do not be afraid to apply for any and every internship. If it is something you seem interested in and can benefit from, then give it a chance. Third, be yourself. Whether you get an internship with West Chester’s Mayor Comitta, a local accounting firm, or CBS-3, go in with a positive and hopeful attitude and you will certainly come out successful and one step closer to wherever your future may lead.

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