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Lois Herr did not have the traditional path towards politics. Her trip towards political status involves many different turns in her life which have now led her to run for the United States Congress. Pennsylvania has 19 representatives in the United States Congress and Lois Herr is running for Pennsylvania’s 16th Congressional district for 2010. The 16th Congressional district represents all of Lancaster County and part of Chester County.

So why is Herr running for one of those 19 spots in Congress and what qualifications does she have?

“I grew up in Elizabethtown,” says Herr, describing herself as an “unusual candidate” because she came into politics later in life. Herr got her Bachelor’s and Master’s in Art in English Literature. “I got my M.A. at Penn in English and my MBA at Fordham.”

Originally, Herr wanted to teach English, but instead took up a career as a technical writer and editor.

“I got more interested in the business side of things and decided to go for an MBA.” Lois Herr’s resume includes working for Bell Labs and AT&T.

So what is Lois Herr’s agenda for Congress?

“I want to work on getting universal healthcare out there and I also would like to follow up on some issues concerning education.”

Herr said she has had a lifelong connection to colleges. She taught at Elizabethtown College. Herr also said that she would like to have a “more diplomatic and less warfare like foreign exchange policy.”

Herr also plans on helping out the economy.

So why would a West Chester University student benefit from having Herr represent Pennsylvania in congress?

“I would be the one representing West Chester University because it is in the 16th district.”

She noted that she planned on helping students to get better financial aid.

Besides running for congress, Lois Herr is a huge women’s rights activist. She has been supported by Planned Parenthood and is being endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice America.

Lois had recently been out on the steps of the old Courthouse in West Chester, announcing her campaign to help support Women’s healthcare.

Herr is running against Republican candidate, Joseph Pitts, who, according to Herr, “is making is very hard for women to get access on information and insurance.”

Herr found it very hypocritical of Pitts to say he didn’t want the government to provide healthcare for people but he wanted to control a woman’s decisions.

“We need more women in government among other things and we need to protect women’s rights. We thought we’ve done that but we obviously have to keep fighting.” Herr said she was glad to see students involved in politics because “it is your future.”

Lois Herr, along with Democratic politicians Bryan Lenz, Doug Pike and Manan Trivedi, attended the PA Congressional Candidates rally hosted by the College Democrats on Tuesday, February 2nd in the Philips Autograph Library.

Lois Herr is hoping to win one of the 19 spots in the US Congress but she can only do it with student’s help. For more information on how you can get involved in Lois Herr’s 2010 campaign for Congress, visit or call Herr’s Public Relation’s chairperson, Gregory Paulsen at 717-419-4209.

Angela Thomas is a third year student at West Chester University, majoring in English. She can be reached at

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