Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

Oprah Winfrey has become an American icon and everyone, whether they watch her show or not, knows her name.Everybody probably already knows about her simple beginnings and how she rose up to become one of the richest women in America; however, along the way she never gave up her morals and helping people was always on the front of her mind. Even now when she could just retire and do anything she wants, Oprah forges ahead with new projects such as her magazine entitled O, The Oprah Magazine, and continues to change people’s lives for the better everyday. Already this season, she has interviewed Robin Givens, who was married to Mike Tyson, and who also gave hope to abused women all over the world. John Travolta also came on the show to salute two reallife firefighters who saved the life of one of their own crew members.

A hit show this season was about a book called He’s Just Not That Into You, co-written by Greg Behrendt, former “Sex and the City” producer. This show informed women about whether or not men were really interested in them, and why or why not.

All her shows prove informative in one way or another because Oprah is truthful to a fault. Hollywood’s greatest stars admire Oprah so much that they grant her interviews they will not give to anyone else. For instance, Julia Roberts just appeared on “The Oprah Show” to talk for the first time about being pregnant with twins.

Besides hosting a show everyday, Oprah has many projects designed to help people all over the world. She started The Angel Network in 1997, which is an effort to raise money from her viewers and associates to donate to charities. Currently about $17 million has been raised with about five million coming from her viewers. Oprah opened a boutique containing stylish clothing, where some of the proceeds go to The Angel Network. O, the Oprah Magazine gives real life women an interesting magazine to read that really relates to them and their needs. Oprah’s Book Club allows members to read a book along with her and participants can even e-mail Oprah directly to talk about the book.

Producers have some great new ideas for upcoming Oprah shows. Mothers and daughters who do not get along, plan Oprah’s next adventure, and living a secret life are a just a few of the ideas on their minds. One of the great things about Oprah is that she is always open to new ideas and that is true even for her show. To give your own ideas on show topics all you have to do is log on to and submit them. For more information about Oprah’s boutique, magazine, The Angel Network or even what happens on the show after the cameras stop rolling, visit her Web site.

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