Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

Winter break is almost upon us, and for many students, it can’t come fast enough. Fed up with final exams, pencils, books and professor’s dirty looks, we are hoping for some quality entertainment. Unfortunately, many of us have to work diligently over break and don’t have the time or funds to take part in any extravagant vacations to Club Med-type resorts, so we simply have to make the best of what’s around us.Diner Hopping: After a grueling day of work, who doesn’t want a cup of hot chocolate with a bit of whipped cream on the top, floating like a little white melting island? The mission is to go to every diner or restaurant in the area and see which place has the best coffee, cocoa or pie. Friends are essential, so drag them along for some quality conversation and to compose random holiday cards on napkins to stick in mailboxes belonging to random people you don’t know.

‘Tis The Season: Speaking of the holidays, there are so many of them in such little time, so it’s up to you to make the most of the season. Camp outside on Christmas Eve and try to spot Santa landing on your rooftop. Kidnap the mall Santa and take his place for the day, telling the precocious little children that they are all on your naughty list this year. Make your own menorah out of Popsicle sticks and puff paint. Make all your gifts yourself, and have every one of them involve a He- Man action figure. Have a New Year’s Eve party and pretend that the upcoming year is 1905; have everyone dress accordingly. You get the idea.

Reindeer Games: I am not calling the student body Rangifer tarandus; I am simply making a reference to playing in the snow. Building anatomicallycorrect snowmen and women never goes out of style, or take a cue from the infamous Calvin and Hobbes and make an army of snow goons. If that is not your cup of cocoa, bashing your best friend upside the head with a snowball is always a classic. For the adventurous few out there, I suggest a rousing game of Bikini Snow Tag to get the blood pumping and the adrenaline peaking! Be Lazily Productive: Winter is the perfect time to get your “To Do” lists done. This includes seeing and reading every movie or book you’ve been meaning to, or trying new things you’ve always wanted to do, like skiing, snowboarding, or filling the plastic kiddie pool up with scalding water and making the world’s cheapest jacuzzi. Just remember: when it’s snowing, you’re not obligated to do anything important!

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