Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

The 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards were broadcast Jan. 17, being the awards show often indicating which actors and films will earn a coveted Oscar Award. Ricky Gervais, whose opening monologue poked fun at Angelina Jolie, Keiffer Sutherland and Steve Carell, hosted this year’s event. Throughout the evening he skewered Colin Farrell and Mel Gibson while introducing the big-name actors. Gibson obliged, pretending to slur his words at the start of his presentation.

Possibly several of the funniest moments of the evening occurred on the red carpet; Mickey Rourke bullied Ryan Seacrest by giving him not one, but two wedgies on live television, which may have earned Mickey the admiration of many viewers.

Mariah Carey stopped to chat with Seacrest, in a deep plunging gown that redefined “low-cut.” This prompted Seacrest to state her middle name “is subtle,” much to Carey’s dismay.

The award ceremony itself proved interesting, due to the wide spread of winners. In the motion picture categories, no single film ran away with all the awards, as past years have shown is possible.

Best Supporting Actress went to Mo’nique, who gave a heartfelt and moving speech for her role in “Precious.” She later posed for photographers with her trophy, lifting her long formal golden gown, to show her bare and unshaven legs, creating a startled reaction from photographers and viewers alike.

Another notable moment occurred when Robert De Niro was honoring his pal, Oscar-winning filmmaker Martin Scorsese, with the Cecil B. DeMille Award. He exaggerated about how much Scorsese loves films.

“Marty eats drinks and sleeps film,” said De Niro. He then alluded to possible Youtube videos which would offer proof – a bit too much information, and in humor, just kind of strange.

Rick Jackson is a student at West Chester University. He can be reached at RJ@689070@wcupa.edu.

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